Week 1 of the Motley Health 17 Week Fitness Program – Weight=97kg (213.8lbs)

Submitted by Jon on Sun, 24/02/2008 – 1:24am

On Thursday, while at work, I decided once again (I decide this every year) that I will get fit for the summer. I then started marking off the weeks until the summer, and stopped just on 19th June 2008, the seventeenth week from now, which is just before the summer solstice, and also just before my wedding anniversary, and just after my son’s birthday. So that is three good reasons to really get fit and lose some weight – for the sake of vanity this summer, for my wife, and for my son. So really, this fitness program will be written as I go along, i.e. it is actually a 17 week blog. However, if I make it through these 17 weeks, and do finally get fit, lose weight, and generally look pretty good, then I will have the makings of a workout program that can be shared with the world!

Anyway, I did not do anything about it until this evening. Tonight I got back in my garage and pumped some iron. I have adopted a new approach, again. I have been influenced by Arnold Schwarzenegger’s workout methods, and decided that I will increase reps, increase frequency, and generally ignore all the HIT advice my mate Rich keep giving me. High repetitions, lots of work.

This evening I started by warming up with some clean and presses, with 4 sets in total, 8-10 reps per set. Then I felt inclined to sit down and do 4 sets of inclined bench press, which I followed with 4 sets of bent over rows, then 4 supersets of curls and tricep extensions. I worked to failure on the tricep extensions, and stopped at that point.

The whole workout lasted well over an hour, which is more than I usually do. The clean and presses really got my heart thumping. I hope that this will help to build muscle and well as increase endurance. I downed half a pint of protein shake after the workout. Now time for a good sleep.

The biggest challenges for me now is to keep up with this weight training, to get along to my martial arts club, and then to get back into running. I have not been for a run for a long time, so maybe tomorrow will be the day to start again.

Anyway, according to my scales, I am currently 97kg (213.8 pounds). No idea how my weight crept back up that high. I managed to get it down to 85kg a few years ago, but somewhere along over the last few years it all went wrong. Anyway, time for a new start. I need to start working out everyday, no excuses.

Tue, 26/02/2008 – 11:57pm

Last night I only managed to get along to the kung-fu class, but for me it was an intensive lesson. Lots of conditioning followed by light sparring style training, which mean I got out of breath. Felt a bit giddy by the end of the lesson, and developed a headache, which made driving home difficult, but it was a good session.

Missed out on my weight training this evening, as I decided to watch a film instead with my wife. Was hoping to train after the film, but now too late! Martial arts again tomorrow, hopefully more weight training on Thursday. Not weighed myself, must remember to weigh in at the end of the week.

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