Want to Look Good from the Waist Up? Are These 2 Exercises for the Upper Body Enough?

In this world, it really pays to look good. There is absolutely no point in denying this. Those who are considered attractive tend to receive extra kindness from everyone, in their personal and professional lives. In fact, some people believe that more beautiful people are considered to be friendlier. As a result, others tend to approach them more – first impressions count. 

Abdominal Crunches

Core muscles are just naturally among the most difficult to tone. Aside from being time-consuming, the exercises that target this muscle group can be painful or at least uncomfortable for many. Of course, this doesn’t mean that these exercises are unsafe, especially if they are executed well. 

One effective for the core muscles is the ab crunch. Although very effective, many people forego this because it’s viewed as too simple. 

But that couldn’t be farther from the truth. This exercise targets the core quite well. You can tell just by feeling the tingling pain as you increase your reps.

To do ab crunch, first lay flat on the floor. Bring your hands to the back of your head. If this is too much, you can just place them near your temples. 

Slowly, bring your chest and head a little forward as you contract the muscles in your abdomen. Pause for a few seconds, and then slowly go back to your starting position. This is already one rep. A set can have twenty to thirty reps. 

Push Up

To do push ups, start by lying on your abdomen. Position your feet so that your toes touch the floor, and then place your hands just beneath your shoulders. Slowly, push on the floor as you lift your body. Pause for about three seconds when your arms have been stretched fully. From this, bend your elbows until each forms what looks like a 90-degree angle. While doing this, keep the legs straight and the toes securely fastened on the floor. This is now your new base position. Push again to bring your arms to full stretch, finishing another rep. Make fifteen to twenty reps per set. 

Working out is never a bad idea. It takes time, yes, but it gives you effects that last long and a lot easier and safer to maintain. 

However, it must be noted that exercises really have to be executed in conjunction with other healthy activities in order for them to work. 

Going Under the Knife?

Some people believe that exercise and diet alone is not sufficient for looking good and decide to undergo plastic surgery. But going through risky surgeries is not the only way to look good. There are actually non-invasive ways such as exercising. Yes, this takes time but its effects are undoubtedly more sustainable. In this article, we present three types of workouts that anyone can do right in the comfort of their homes.

While we don’t have anything against them, sensitive procedures such as aesthetic enhancements can really go wrong. Those who have been victimized by such type of medical malpractice can refer their case to legal professionals like those featured at seattlemalpracticelawyers.com. They deserve to be compensated for the (usually permanent) damage that they incur.

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