Walked home in 49:13 minutes – 2.82 miles

Submitted by Jon on Mon, 09/02/2009 – 9:46pm

This evening I tested out the CardioTrainer on my new Google phone. It worked a treat. My journey home was a damp one today – it rained all the way. My coat turned out to be only semi-waterproof. The hood, shoulder and back remained dry, but my arms go soaked. Also the front pockets were not waterproof. To protect my G1 I put it in an inside pocket, but the GPS still worked.

I did not really know what to expect from the CardioTrainer, and was surprised when I heard a voice tell me that I had been walking for one minute. All the way home a little man inside the G1 Android phone was updating me on my progress, which was very reassuring as I did not think that the GPS would function with the phone in an inside pocket, under half an inch of fleece lining. But it did. Here are the results of my first outing using my Google phone, GPS and CardioTrainer all together.

On reading up on the application, I can change most settings. So now I will only be verbally updated on progress every 5 minutes. Now that I know exactly how far and for how long I have walked, I can start to challenge myself.

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