Using The Internet To Get Good Weight Loss Advice

The Internet is full of both excellent and highly inaccurate information on weight loss and fitness. As governments around the world attempt to tackle the growing obesity crisis through information campaigns, more people are becoming aware of the problems of being overweight. However, the solutions are often shrouded in secrecy by commercial bodies that are looking to gain financially from others health problems.

Let’s be clear, being overweight is a health problem. It is both a mental health and physical health problem. Overeating is usually the result of various psychological problems, such as work or family related stress, depression, anxiety, loneliness or boredom. These are related to mental health issues.

The effects of overeating result in health problems, ranging from reduced mobility and poor fitness, so heart disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes and arthritis.

Here we will share with you the best ways to lose weight and get fit. First, lets make a thing things clear – this information is often deliberately held back by others:

  1. People generally become less active AFTER gaining weight, not vice versa. Lack of exercise is rarely the cause of overweight.
  2. Just exercising, or worse, just using a fitness fad device, will not burn fat. At least, not in the short term.
  3. Fitness and muscle is a route to a healthier body, but it takes time. 6-12 months generally. Then you have to continue with the plan.
  4. Diet is vital to weight loss – but not a fad diet, just a health, well balanced, natural diet.

The key is, you are overweight because you have eaten too much. It is that simple. These are the usual myths and falsehoods people believe with regards to their weight:

  1. You are overweight because your metabolism is slower than everyone else
  2. You are overweight because of your genetics – your parents are overweight
  3. Diet and exercise does not work for you, because you have tried that before
  4. Your friend can eat whatever they want and do not gain weight, which is proof of all the above

Nobody in the whole history of the world has ever gained weight for any reason other than eating MORE THAN THEY NEED.

Metabolism is never powerful or fast enough to burn off excess energy.

Genetics makes very little difference. Your parents were overweight because they ate too much, now you eat too much too.

When you last tried diet and exercise, you did not try hard enough. It may have felt hard, but you did not do it right.

Your friends DOES NOT EAT ALL THE TIME, just when you see them! They are probably a social eater, and they are probably concerned about the amount of food you eat.

What can you do to lose weight this time? Rather than report all the good information here, we can first direct you to the best online weight loss information:

  1. Get help from the BBC: – a fantastic resource that is financed by the UK Tax payer, not a commercial partner.
  2. Read the great articles on Wikipedia on obesity to learn about the causes and solutions
  3. Read the NHS weight loss pages –
  4. Start an exercise and diet plan. Simple and effective advice to exercising and dieting to lose weight and get fit.

Weight loss is not rocket science. It is the most basic mathematics really:

Weight loss = burning more calories than you need

The calories that you need are your BMR (basal metabolic rate) + exercise.

  • Do more exercise, burn more fat.
  • Eat less calories, burn more fat.
  • Eat better calories, or healthier calories, burn more fat
  • Build more muscle, increase BMR, burn more fat.

That is simple isn’t it? Right. So get to it!

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