Tuesday morning – 1 week of Atkins – Weight=92.4kg (203.7lbs)

Submitted by Jon on Tue, 15/04/2008 – 6:57am

I decided to weigh myself again today, and have lost another 100 grams (0.2204 pounds) since Saturday. Not such good progress. But I am feeling fitter. Really need to aim to lose a few pounds a week, so 1 pound every 2-3 days. Although I did fall off the Atkins Wagon again, I had some sauce with my chicken that I should have scrapped off! Naughty me. Aim to get Lipolysis started again by tomorrow!

I went kung-fu last night, and there were several energetic jumping and kicking exercises, and I felt stronger doing these than I had done so in recent months. Even a slight weight loss has helped. Also I am feeling more toned in my upper body as a result of the weigh training that I did on Sunday. Not aching, but feeling more solid. Maybe all the extra protein I am getting under the Dr. Atkins regime is helping my muscles grow.

One other positive I have noticed from Atkins, is that the eczema on my hands has cleared up completely now. For years my eczema had been getting worse, and also dandruff and other skin problems on my chest and face, and these are all clearing up while on the high protein/low carb diet. I think that it must be the refined carbs / sugars etc. that have been causing it. Whatever the reason, more protein or less carbs, less junk food, it has cleared up. I have even stopped giving white bread so my son, as he started developing eczema on his hands and face. And that is improving too (although he has some medicated cream from the Doctor, which may be helping him more).

Still confident.

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