Top 5 Things Your Gym Should Have When Opening Post-Covid

woman cleaning a gymCovid-19 brought the world down to its knees. Its destructive damage can be felt in almost every purchase and every action. There are countries on the brink of economic collapse and lives were reduced to mere statistics. However, efforts were made to mitigate the situation, but most were futile. The pandemic shook governments to their very core. The critical thinking and problem-solving skills of authorities were tested. But despite the strict protocols imposed, only a few countries are now Covid-19 free. New Zealand stands as the top-ranked country with a tremendous Covid-19 response.

In terms of lifestyle, Covid-19 hindered almost everyone from doing their daily routines. Hobbies and recreational activities such as playing games, going out, and exercising were all halted. Gyms were among the heavily affected since they are hotspots of social gathering, which violates many Covid-19 safety protocols. As a result, gym-goers had to improvise and settle for a safe and available home quarantine workout.

Due to the lengthy period of lockdowns, many things have changed. So, what should be new in gyms post-Covid? What measures should they be taking?

Health & Safety

For some people, embarking on a new fitness regime can pose risks to heart health, so it is important for gyms to be aware of this risk and to provide not only qualified first aiders but also medical equipment. Avive solutions offer a durable automated external defibrillator (AED) to help those susceptible to sudden cardiac arrest. It is important to note that not everyone is as physically healthy as others. Some people have conditions that should be addressed, especially because exercising can be physically taxing. Things such as defibrillators, heart monitors and thermometers can help people gym goers safe and protected from the regular health dangers of a gym and all the new ones that have come with the pandemic.

Online Classes

Since Covid-19 hit, gyms were forced to close, and all gym-users were left with no choice but to continue their exercises at home. To adapt, gym facilities continued their service virtually with an instructor to teach and participate in the routines. After Covid, this is an excellent opportunity for gym facilities to expand their reach. Some people wish to become physically fit but lack time to go to the gym. If there are online classes, exercises can be done in the comfort of their homes. Also, it is advantageous for those who prefer to exercise at their own pace.

Home Alternative Instruction

Most have utilized their homes as their gyms amid Covid-19. Due to safety reasons and state policies, exercising at home was the best solution. People either purchased their equipment or made use of homemade alternatives. People opted to try things like bodyweight workouts to use their own bodyweight instead of actual equipment.

Gyms should have these sets of instructions for those who cannot make it to the gym, can’t afford memberships, are incapable of having their gym equipment or who are too weary to return the gym. Fitness should be for everyone, not for the selected few who can afford it. Furthermore, home alternative cuts expenses which could greatly help since societies are experiencing a recession.

Health Clearance And Hygiene Precautions

At the end of the day, the public’s safety needs to come first. To reopen, gyms must put in place the correct protocols and apply for the proper health clearances. They are places were germs can spread easily, as people use the same equipment, they are sweating and breathing in and out all sorts of bacteria in the air. Sanitation and disinfecting practices need to be stricter than before. Sanitizing stations should be set up, bathrooms/changerooms should be equipped with soap, hand dryers or paper towels and cleaned throughout the day. All equipment and surfaces should be wiped down after use.

Gyms should provide all of their clearance information to their members and have a very honest and transparent approach to re-opening. If your gym’s cleanliness is not up to scratch, it should not re-open as people’s lives are being put at risk.

Staff Training

All staff should be trained and be given the resources to keep up to date with latest safety demands, rules and regulations. Along with this there should be tips and instructions for gym goers as well as staff to follow. Every member of staff should know how to clean down surfaces, how to disinfect equipment, how to refill sanitizing stations and how to watch out for people not doing the right thing.

Despite the pandemic making things harder for gym goers, now more than ever people are looking to return to a sense of normalcy. People find great joy in exercising it both impacts them mentally and physically in a positive way. To ensure gym goers are able to return to their favorite place, or are able to achieve the same level of interaction at home, gyms should implement the above points.

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