Tighter Fitness Attitudes For 2020

Fitness is an essential part of life. The you that is out of shape is much less than the you that is in shape. It’s instructive to see how personalities can change over time as someone commits to working out and taking care of themselves. Often, it makes people more humble, or respectful of hard work and more disciplined. You likely know this. There’s no reason to lecture you on the benefits of working out when you are happy to do so in the first place.

However, it might have been that over the course of the last year, you’ve found it relatively hard to keep up with your fitness schedule. Perhaps things just haven’t felt right in the gym for some time, or that you’re starting to feel the cracks starting to give way to leaving this lifestyle choice out entirely.

There are many new fitness attitudes you might decide to bring to 2020. They can refresh your entire perspective. They are worth implementing. And they are as follows:

Tighter Nutrition

A woman holding a selection of healthy vegetablesSometimes we work out hard and try to plan our efforts well, but to no avail. This is where learning new attitudes to fitness can be a boon. We should start by the place most influential to keep us living a fit and healthy lifestyle. You might be thinking of the gym, or perhaps the place where you store your fitness clothing, or perhaps the weightlifting manual you have or the blog you prefer to follow. Not so. Fitness is 80% developed in the kitchen. Our diet is everything, and our eating habits reign supreme over our bodies. If you’ve been struggling in 2018, it can be absolutely essential to work on crafting a better nutrition schedule.

It might be you try diets such as ketosis for a competent cutting method if you’ve been struggling. It might be you incorporate more eggs and kale into your diet. It might be tinkering with grass fed meats, or perhaps cutting out all sugars from your diet, not even on cheat days. Nutrition is everything, so be sure to consider this as one of the first stops and steps to help you.

woman drink protein shakeTighter Supplementation

The supplements we take can give us that extra edge when both preparing for and recovering from a workout. It might be that experimenting with light pre-workouts could help you if you’ve been lethargic in the gym lately. It could be that quality protein from Monster Supplements can help you hit your macros correctly and with the right amount of BCAA implementation needed. It might even be you head to the kitchen, using supplements such as Fulvic Acid to retain your mineral count throughout the day. All this can help you go that little extra distance.

Tighter Form and Technique

Good form is always the grounding to running further, rowing better, and lifting more. If you’re struggling to progress in your training and have tried everything, go back to the drawing board. It could be that learning the basic mechanical movements once more can help you assess and solve issues that are holding you back.
Air Squat form with a 2 1/2 year old
The best way to improve your form is to get back to basics. Even if you have been lifting weights, swimming or running for years, it is a good idea to get a fitness trainer to look over your technique and make corrections. Martial artists are forever perfecting their forms (or kata) to make sure that their body mechanics is perfectly balanced and optimised for maximum impact. All sports can learn from this – don’t run before you can walk!

So, our tip for 2020 is to tighten everything up. Focus on doing everything perfectly – perfect nutrition, optimised supplements, and excellent form. As usual, there is nothing groundbreaking here, but with these simple tips, you’re sure to have the healthiest fitness attitudes to bring to 2020!

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