The New Google G1 – A New Hope with an Android Smartphone

Submitted by Jon on Mon, 09/02/2009 – 9:46am

OK, as far as my fitness training and weight loss is concerned, things have not been going so well since Christmas. I used Christmas as an excuse to take a break for a while, which resulted in gaining a few pounds. In the new year I picked up some colds and flu, which meant no exercise and lots of comfort eating, The result is that my weight has crept up to 93kg again, which is a gain of almost 10kg since my. 2008 low. Not good.

So, what has G1 got to do with it? Well, on Friday I treated myself to a new phone, the Google Android G1. It is pretty flash and has several applications to help lose weight and get fit. I have installed CardioTrainer which uses the GPS to track running/walking. Plan to make the most of that from now on. OK, arriving at Liverpool Street station, time for work.

Back to the Diet, Sort of

Submitted by Jon on Mon, 09/02/2009 – 3:18pm

Well, I at least managed to eat a healthy salad for lunch today, however I fear that I spoiled things by having a caramel slice with my coffee in Nero afterwards. For breakfast I had a sausage sandwich, whiich although is not healthy, was at least fewer calories than a full English.

I will be walking home tonight. I was hoping to give CardioTrainer a test, but fear that my battery will not last the whole day. Need to rethink how I use my Google phone as it is very energy hungry.

It may be too early to say, but I think that this really is going to prove to be a successful new start. Salad, walking home, fewer calories – all positive moves in the right direction.

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