The Most Common Sexual Health Concerns

couple in bedSexual health concerns are something most of us hope never to experience, although, most people have encountered a problem in this category at one point or another. When it comes to sexual health, making use of protection is always the best approach to preventing infections and diseases. At the same time, modest sex life is recommended for everyone.

However, not all sexual health concerns surround infections and diseases; even though they are at the top of our list, sexually active individuals encounter other problems that generally require medical attention and suitable treatments.


Sexually transmitted diseases and Sexually transmitted infections are among the most common sexual health concerns for the vast majority of the world’s population. However, most individuals aren’t entirely sure what the difference is between an STD and an STI. The simple answer is that sexually transmitted diseases are generally not curable, while infections are often curable.

Genital herpes and the herpes simplex virus are the most widespread sexually transmitted disease, even though the simplex virus can be transmitted through saliva and close contact. Luminance Red offers more understanding and suitable prevention and treatment options. When it comes to all kinds of STDs and STIs, doctor consultation is required to pursue appropriate treatment plans.

Male Sexual Dysfunction

Sexual dysfunction is an exceptionally disheartening problem for any man to experience, although it is common for older males to experience the complaint at one point or another. There are ways to increase libido and medications that can assist with other forms of sexual dysfunction. The complaint is rather broad and diverse and does not only refer to erectile dysfunction. Ejaculation problems and others all fall in this category of sexual health problems.

Female Reproductive Concerns

While women don’t often experience a lack of libido as it is relatively rare, women experience reproductive health concerns that impact sexual health. Among these problems are endometriosis, uterine fibroids, gynecologic cancer, and even sexual violence in the past. These problems all require medical attention. Female sexual health concerns can impact mental health, and the same is true for male sexual health concerns.

Seeking Medical Attention

All of the above concerns will require medical attention, even though most are hardly severe concerns. It is always the best and most wise approach to consult your doctor to determine the root cause and culprit of the problem and find the best treatment. When it comes to female sexual health concerns, even hormonal changes can impact sexual health, so medical assistance is required. You may find that the solution to most of these concerns is relatively simple. With that said, STDs and STIs are the most concerning sexual health problems, and the best approach is suitable protection, complete testing between sexual partners, and a keen eye for symptoms.

On the other hand, other sexual health concerns such as endometriosis or hormonal changes may only require medications as treatment. When it comes to a history of sexual violence, the best treatment is professional therapy.

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