The Head to Toe Wellness Guide: Why Your Body Matters and How To Look After It

Your overall health encompasses a lot of different areas of your body, so it cannot just be identified by one single body part. If you actively try to look after every section of your body then you are providing yourself with the best possible chance to lead a healthy and balanced life. So here is a brief guide on what you can do to ensure you are leading your best, healthy life.

Your Head and Mind

Looking after your mental health is an extremely important part of your overall well being. Ensuring you keep an eye on your general mood and demeanor is essential when you feel as though life is getting too much and the stress is starting to get to you. Getting a good night’s sleep, openly talking to someone you trust and getting some outdoor exercise are solutions that can help keep your mental health in good form.

So it is essential to keep track of how you are feeling and your general mood. The happier and more confident you feel in yourself, the more likely you are to want to exercise and follow a fitness plan, so your mental health can be an important factor in keeping up with your fitness regime. When your mental health begins to suffer then it can start to unravel the other aspects of your life as well which can have damaging consequences.

Your Eyes

If your job entails looking at a computer screen for the majority of the time then you need to try and take much needed breaks throughout your working day. It will give your eyes the opportunity to rest which is important, as prolonged screen use can then lead to headaches, blurred vision and difficulty concentrating. It is quite easy to be constantly surrounded by this level of technology given that laptop screens, smartphones and iPads are in constant use in our lives now on a regular basis, so it can be difficult to escape this at times.

Your Smile

Your teeth form an important part of your general health as you certainly need them to be in good condition to be able to eat and enjoy your food. It is also important so as to prevent any dental problems arising such as tooth decay or root canals. It can be worthwhile to ensure you have dental insurance in place in the event that you need to have any dental work done and do not have the funds in place to do so. This can be particularly useful when you require more expensive procedures such as dental surgery which can be a lengthy and costly process. The better condition your teeth are in, the more confident you are going to feel in yourself as well which will then enable you to smile.

Your Heart and Lungs

Your heart forms an integral part of your health as it needs to pump and circulate blood around your body, which will be particularly important when you want to undertake some exercise. Looking at what you eat will be a good starting point as your heart needs good nourishing foods, such as fruit, vegetables and whole grains as opposed to highly processed, salty, fatty foods. It is all about finding the correct balance and not eliminating one particular food group unless you really need to for medical reasons.

Exercise is particularly beneficial to your heart health, as long as you are not overdoing it, so it is mindful to find a good balance between an intense workout and straining your heart.

Just like your heart, your lungs need a good, healthy diet to keep them in optimum condition. Gentle exercises are a good place to begin, to get them working efficiently when you want to do a workout and ensure your lungs are in tip top condition.

Your Digestive System

Eating a good, healthy balanced diet doesn’t just give you energy but provides your body with the nourishment it needs to function. You want to try and incorporate as many as these healthy food groups as possible into your daily routine. Foods like yoghurt, Kefir, wholegrain, ginger and dark green vegetables are great ingredients to add to your diet plan. 

You then want to have a good exercise plan as well to complement the healthy eating so that you really give your digestive system the much needed boost it needs to function well. 

Your Feet

woman giving a foot massage

You might overlook this part of your body compared to other areas, but the wellbeing of your feet is just as important. You want to keep them in good condition to prevent yourself from injury or strain. It is not very comfortable when you end up with pain in your ankles or on the sole of your feet due to negligence. Wearing comfortable shoes, gentle walking and everyday maintenance such as washing and trimming your toenails, all form part of the general health of your feet. So this should also be incorporated into your daily routine so that they are not excluded. 

Overall trying to look after your entire body may seem like a chore but it doesn’t need to be. You can take small steps to try and include varying exercises, fitness routines and appropriate diets so that you are truly looking after your own health and welfare. Being able to lead a healthy, happy life is all you can ever ask for out of life, so if you have the opportunity to, then why wouldn’t you. 

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