The Essential Guide To Feeling Good

In these uncertain times, it’s only normal to feel anxious or worried. Even if you have always been an optimistic individual who never sees the negativity in life, these coronavirus days can put this to the test. While we have had to readjust to a new sense of normal, we may have lost sight of who we are as individuals. All too often during the lockdown we have reached for the unhealthy snacks like chocolate and cake to bring us a sense of comfort. Relying on food and being static in our movements can result in low mood, feelings of anxiety, and a real sense of hopelessness.

To combat how you are feeling, you need to revolutionise the way you think about life. While people were once focused on their careers, getting the dream home, and living an active life in the city, people are now focusing on quality family time, being outdoors, and moving to the country. You need to relinquish the anxious feelings that you have to help yourself feel less stressed. Rather than putting your hand in the biscuit barrel and sitting down to watch Netflix every evening, you need to consider how you can make yourself feel good once again. The pandemic is here to stay, so think about how you can feel refreshed, rejuvenated, and positive when adjusting to the new normal.

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Your Appearance

While many people say that beauty comes from the inside (and of course they are correct), confidence is a highly personal thing. For many, their self-esteem is built up through the way they look. If you are unhappy with your weight, you have the power to change it through diet and exercise, and people praise you for it. There are many different aspects to appearance that feed into our feelings of confidence and self-belief.

For many men (and women) who are ageing, their hair may become thin and begin to fall out. This can lead to an understandable state of panic. While you can try all of the thickening and caffeine-laden shampoos on the market, they will struggle to prevent further hair loss. The resulting bald patches can lead to a severe knock to your self-confidence. To make yourself feel better, you could investigate FUE hair transplants, that can redraw your hairline and use your current hair follicles, transplanting them in a new area of your scalp to foster new growth. The results can be outstanding, as seen on many before and after images, and testimonials. To boost your self-confidence through your hair and appearance can help you feel good.

Your Weight

If you are struggling with your weight while in lockdown, it’s time to say no to the pastries and yes to the lean meats and vegetables. It can be difficult in lockdown situations to find the impetus to embark on a healthy diet. However, if you head to the supermarket armed with a list of ingredients and a timetable of healthy meals, you can pick up only what you need. Heading to do your food shop with no sort of organisation for the following week will lead you to buy the treats that you know you shouldn’t be eating.

To shed the pounds that you may have already put on, you need to become more active. While you can’t head to the gym, you can venture outside. Being surrounded by nature and greenery can enhance your mental health and make you feel more positive. This can then have a further impact on your physical well being. You can dust off your bike and start cycling. This can be a great activity that you can enjoy at a social distance with friends. Keep hygiene at the forefront of your mind and keep your hand sanitiser on you at all times.

If cycling isn’t your thing, check out the sorts of classes that you can partake in outdoors. Many personal trainers are choosing to conduct socially distant classes outdoors with six people at a social distance. While there won’t be any partner work, and you’ll need to use your own equipment, having that instructor at the front of the class to motivate you can inspire and make you work harder.

Learn Something New

Many people in lockdown think that life has stopped. While you might not be doing the same activities and pastimes that you are used to, it doesn’t mean that you have to remain sedentary. Instead, you can choose to learn something new. If you have always fancied learning Japanese, there is no better time to do it than now, especially with the vast array of free online tutorials on offer. If you want to learn the piano, you might not be able to have a face to face lesson, but one to one Skype sessions can be hugely beneficial to learning an instrument.

Learning something new can help focus your mind onto more positive pursuits and can help you do something impactful. Seeing your progress and understanding how you develop a new skill over time is a positive thing. If you went into lockdown without any language skills and you head back to work semi-fluent in French, you have used your lockdown time wisely.

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Explore Yoga

If you have never hot-footed it to a yoga session before, there’s no better time to start. Head online and follow some of the beginners’ sessions. These tend to last no longer than thirty minutes. Yoga isn’t solely for dreadlocked hippies chanting all sorts of edicts while surrounded by incense. This posture led exercise is an excellent way to relieve stress and anxiety, and will help you to see life in a more positive way. As well as moving your body into a set range of postures, you will learn to control your breathing in a more effective way to help lower your blood pressure and release the happy hormone, dopamine into your system.

Couple yoga with mindfulness, and you could have a series of exercises that you can fall back on to help when you are feeling stressed or worried. Mindfulness enables you to retrain your thought processes so that you no longer worry about what may or may not happen in the future. You will instead focus on the here and now, and learn to live more in the moment for a less stressful existence.

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Social Media

If you are used to scrolling through Facebook for hours each day, you might want to consider stopping this. Using social media as a crutch can result in you becoming addicted to rolling news rather than cute kitten videos. Being exposed to the negative coronavirus stories twenty four seven can lead to heightened feelings of anxiety. This can have a detrimental effect on your mental health. Plus, it is something you generally consume while sitting down all day, and as we reported before, the chair is a killer.

Rather than being on Twitter and Instagram all day, every day, you may want to limit your screen time. One hour a day could suffice. For some, nothing other than a full social media detox, cold turkey style will help. While this may be nerve-wracking and you may find yourself at a loss for the first few days, taking a step back from social media and focusing more on the tangible real-life things around you can be life-affirming. Read a book, have a bath, watch a spot of TV without a Twitter commentary, and talk to friends rather than message them. Social media has a way of making you feel irritated, moody, and down. By banishing it or limiting how much time you spend on it, you can level out your mood.

It is important to realise that the pandemic crisis is not going away any time soon. You need to learn how to adapt. Follow this guide, and you can feel good, positive, and happy even in uncertain times.

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