The Differences Between Pediatric Dentistry And Adult Dentistry

boy at dentistYou might be looking for a dentist for your child, and you want to know if your own dentist can also accommodate your child’s dental needs. A dentist for children and a dentist for adults differ in many ways, primarily because the situations and dental needs of one varies from the other, hence the qualification and expertise must also follow.

If you feel that a tooth is a tooth at whatever age a person is, and any dentist can fix your child’s problem then you might need to look at the reasons why your kid needs a paediatric dentist instead of a general dentist.

Although in most situations they can both treat any patient, a paediatric dentist is equipped and trained especially for the comfort of your child. Such a specialised professional eases the child before treatment and also helps in creating useful habits in their dental health.

Here are the differences between paediatric dentistry and adult dentistry:

Difference In Training

Although both dentists’ study to treat teeth, they are slightly different. A paediatric dentist goes an extra two to three years of learning after their dentistry degree. This is to make sure they master their specialty and they know how to handle children.

Paediatric dentists are more specialised so their training is more centred on children than on adults, although they can treat both. They learn a lot about child psychology to understand them better. Meanwhile, adult dentists get their dentistry degree and license, and they are good to go.

Their Equipment

The equipment in paediatric dentistry and adult dentistry are different to accommodate their different areas of specialty. Although the only real difference is in size, paediatric dentists use smaller equipment since children’s mouths are smaller and can’t risk being operated on by adult-sized equipment. They don’t want to cause children to feel uncomfortable during dental procedures and check-ups.

Paediatric dentists also teach about the age for regular toothpaste. Until then children are encouraged to use kids’ toothpaste which is suitable for their teeth.


The interaction with their patients by paediatric dentists and that by adult dentists is different. While paediatric dentists are trained to interact well with children and handle them well in case they get nervous and anxious, the adult dentist deals with adults who are already socialized and who knows that the experience is for something good. They don’t need to be as careful with their adult patients’ interactions.

Paediatric dentists interact with children more carefully to make them more comfortable during the operations on their teeth, which are delicate parts requiring that one isn’t nervous while it happens. Paediatric dentists provide diversions for children and they aim for a smooth dental visit. They also explain to kids the processes in simpler terms so they can begin to understand.

Dental Offices

There’s a major difference between an adult dentist’s office and that of paediatric dentist. The difference is that a paediatric dentist’s office is made to suit the interest of children, while adult dentist offices are just normal.

A paediatric dentist’s office might appear more colourful, with a play area for kids, while an adult dentist’s office is straight to the point and without any distractions.

Orthodontic Intervention

A paediatric dentist can offer orthodontic treatment to their patients while an adult dentist can’t do the same. An adult dentist usually has to refer their patients to an orthodontist rather than attend to them themselves. A paediatric dentist however can offer orthodontic care to kids since their gums and teeth are still developing.

Preventative Treatment

One of the biggest differences between paediatric dentistry and adult dentistry is that paediatric dentists provide preventative treatment. Since children are still developing, right from the start, they’re taught healthy dental habits that will prevent future problems.

Adult dentists might do the same, but sometimes it’s hard for adults to make new habits. Paediatric dentists teach children fun ways of dental care. This means their specialization in children comes in handy most of the time.

After knowing the difference between paediatric and adult dentistry you must know where you want your child to go for maximum care and comfort. A paediatric dentist’s main difference from an adult dentist is their ability to deal with children in the most comfortable way.

Choosing a paediatric dentist for your child ensures that they use child-sized equipment, including the tools and the toothpaste which is specially formulated for children. A paediatric dentist also offers orthodontic treatment which is one more reason for you to send your child to a paediatric dentist over a general dentist. And as an adult, you can visit a paediatric dentist since they are still dentists, although they get to specialize.

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