The Big Splash is inspiring Brits To Swim

The Big SplashToday the BBC started promoting a new health and fitness initiative called The Big Splash. The Big Splash is a campaign to encourage more people to take up swimming as a healthy hobby. British Swimming, who are the national governing body for swimming activities, have developed this initiative. They have partnered with British Gas and received sponsorship from swim-wear company Speedo.

The BBC plans to run several campaigns in 2011 and will be working with Sports Relief also. They have several big names to help them promote The Big Splash, such as Ian Thorpe, Freddie Flintoff who says “You can do it to keep fit, or you can do it just for a laugh!” – and Freddie knows all about having fun in the water!

Ian Thorpe explains explains how he started out as a chubby child but took up swimming and was in the UK national team by time he was 14 years old. For Ian Thorpe swimming is a great way to get fit, reduce stress and have fun. Ian also emphasises that even as a championship swimmer he is still wary of swimming in the sea. The British Swimming website provides a sea swimming tips video that everyone should watch before heading in the water.

Many BBC celebrities are also involved. Today’s launch saw a cheeky innuendo filled advert on the BBC with Graham Norton, Gary Lineker and many other presenters.

Swimming Training Tips

The BBC are providing some great training tips Ian Freeman who works for British Swimming.

Ian explains that swimming is a great full body exercise which burns a lot of calories. A 30 minute swims burns as many calories as 45 minutes of land based workout (on average, an intensive kettlebell class will burn more!).

Ian says that to get the most out of swimming you should push yourself harder. It is important not to just swim at a constant pace. He recommends doing a warmup and then perform 8 lengths of 25 metres as fast as you can, each with break a 30 seconds to recover. This is a great way in increase fitness and burn lots of energy.

Swimming helps you to burn energy and raises your metabolism really well. Often you do not feel that you are working your body as hard as you want when swimming simply because you are not sweating and your body does not feel heavy and tired as it does after 30 minutes of running or weight training.

Ian also says that swimming is something that you can carry on doing while on holiday. Also he suggests trying out some open water swimming.

Swimming is a low impact activity that reduces stress too.

Ian Freeman’s Diet Tips

Ian says that a healthy and balanced diet is vital too. Nothing complex, just a variety of fruits and vegetables, lean proteins from eggs, poultry, fish and beans, some dairy products and wholegrain breads, plus drink plenty of water.

The Big Splash Website

The Big Splash website is a part of the British Swimming site. It offers many safely tips and advice on swimming. It also offers a directory of swimming clubs, public pools competitions for kids. You can also become a part of the Big Splash family – and there are monthly prize draws!

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