The Best Ways to Stay in Shape While Studying

The Best Ways to Stay in Shape While Studying

University can take up a lot of your time. Not to mention your money. While hours in the gym may not be an option, you should still try your best to stay fit. It’ll help keep you healthy and no one wants a winter bug when there are exams to study for. It will also help your concentration and focus, as exercise is great for the mind as well as the body.

Staying in shape now is incredibly important. During my first year of online study I gained weight and pretty much stopped exercising. I soon realized that studying an online MBA degree was both difficult and time consuming, which caused a lot of stress and I soon let things slide.

I resolved to start getting in shape again, and from speaking with some of my fellow course students, I was surprised at the variety of ways others were staying in shape. I used a combination of walking more and visits to the gym, but here is a list of methods that we considered to be the best way to stay in shape while studying at home.


Walk to the shops, or to class, instead of driving or taking a bus. Or just go for a nice walk with a friend. Walking isn’t a tough muscle building work-out, but if you do it when you wouldn’t normally, it’s an easy way to increase your exercise. Walking can be a great form of exercise, as when you’re walking round, having a chat, you barely notice you’re doing it. If you want a more intense work-out consider going for a hike. Walking is also helps settle the mind and you will find that you resolve problems while walking. Plus, you save money too!


Running is a fantastic option when money is limited. Once you’ve brought a good pair of running shoes, it can be completely free. If you haven’t run before, start with something like a couch to 5k program, and build up from there. For a truly effective workout you need to keep pushing yourself, so don’t be content to just go for a 30-minute jog every day. Set yourself goals and challenges, either to increase speed, distance or both. Take care when running in winter, during very hot weather, and be extra careful of road traffic.


Yoga is great as it gives you time to completely relax. Yoga can be much more than exercise – it can help you unwind, as well as teaching you ways to cope with stress, which is a must if you’re studying an online MBA program. Many people use yoga to also attain mindlessness, which can help focus the mind for study.


Swimming is a great option, especially if you’ve had an injury, as the water takes a lot of pressure off your joints, while still giving you an all-over work out. Even a short swimming session can do you a lot of good, without tiring you out too much. If you start to swim more intensively, make sure you warm up first. Some swimmers advise to never do breaststroke without a good warm up.

Martial Arts

Martial arts are one of our favorite options. A good martial arts instructor provides you with motivation and guidance, and classes are a great way to socialise, which is especially important if you are studying an online course at home on your own.

Healthy Nutrition

A key part to keeping in shape while you study is your diet. While the odd takeout won’t hurt, try to generally have a healthy and balanced diet. Cook fresh where you can, avoid processed foods, and use lots of fruit and veg in your meals. Try to drink lots of water and get plenty of sleep too.

While this seems like a huge list, they are just options and you certainly don’t need to do them all, all of the time. Try to maintain a healthy diet and get a little exercise every day, with a bigger workout two or three days a week.

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