The Benefits of Replacing Our Teeth

pretty smile with perfect teethAs we age, our bodies are subjected to the effects of wear and tear on a daily basis. One area where the ageing process is most noticeable is often in our teeth and gums.

No matter how well you look after your oral hygiene, some common problems can still develop in our mouths including receding gums, tooth decay, gum disease or oral cancers – all of which can, unfortunately, lead to tooth loss and distress.

Thankfully dentistry techniques and procedures have advanced leaps and bounds in recent years and there are now multiple solutions at hand for people suffering these conditions. Even in the case of tooth loss, implants are now a viable option for replacing missing teeth and procedures now cost a fraction of previous prices.

Of course, there are still some instances when replacing teeth isn’t required – in particular when problem wisdom teeth appear and have to be removed – however, these are very much the exception to the rule. If you are in any doubt, you should approach a reputable oral surgery team who will be able to advise you. In the majority of cases, replacing teeth can bring considerable benefits and confidence to the patient.

Restoring facial shape and structure

Missing teeth can gradually change the shape of your face as your cheeks slowly draw into the space left behind. Filling the space with a replacement implant will help restore the original shape of your face by stopping the tendency for your face to sink into the empty area left behind.

Improving how you eat and chew

Having a missing tooth (particularly one of the larger teeth like molars), can have a serious impact on your ability to chew and eat food. Food can often dig directly into the gum causing pain or, worse, possibly resulting in cuts or other damage. Filling the space with an implant will restore your ability to eat properly without experiencing discomfort.

Protecting your remaining teeth

A large gap on your gum is a recipe for trouble as far as your other teeth are concerned. Stray pieces of food can sometimes go unnoticed, sitting directly on the gum line and helping promote infection. Also, gaps between your teeth provide bacteria a perfect breeding ground, potentially causing problems to the surrounding teeth including decay or periodontal disease.

Bringing back your smile

A missing tooth can seriously detract from your smile, particularly teeth missing at the front or top of the mouth. Teeth missing on the bottom gum are normally harder to detect – but you’ll still be aware they’re not there and it can often knock people’s confidence. A skilled dentist will look at the colour of your remaining teeth and pick a shade that fits with your smile, returning your smile to its previous glory.

Keeping your other teeth straight

The space left by a missing tooth often encourages the surrounding teeth to change position or become crooked. Filling the gap with an implant will remove the chances of teeth changing position or orientation in your mouth and help maintain their original shape and alignment.

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