Surely Slim – A New “natural Herbs” Weight Loss Supplement

Surely SlimI do not usually review weight loss products, however, today one of our readers commented on the site to inform us how amazing this product is; I could not help to do some research (note that this page is filed under “blog” and not “products”).

This morning Jane commented on our advice page for teenagers, saying: “I was over-weight and I tried everything in the market. Nothing worked like they said. A month ago a friend of mine told me about Surely Slim. It is a natural herbs combo from Canada. I think the name of the company Bioparanta. In a month I lost 10 pounds”.

At first glance it seems too good to be true. A typical story of a person who has struggled with their weight for years, and then suddenly they come across a product that results in 10 pounds weight loss in one month. This is the equivalent of 2 1/3 pounds a week, or just over one kilo a week. This is impressive, especially if there was no change in diet or exercise. Naturally I was curious to dig a little deeper.

Searching for Surely Slim

I searched Google for Surely Slim first and was surprised by the lack of information. The only Surely Slim that is referenced is a range of beauty products. There are no weight loss pills.

One product does appear called Surely Slim Program 8L, but this is from 2006. The advert posted on Google Groups says “Hoodia Maximum Strength”. The webpage that was promoting it no longer exists.

There is nothing else on Surely Slim. Nada, zilch. Weird …..

Searching for BioParanta

So, what about that Canadian company who make the product? A search of the Internet brings up a website, but little else.

The website is It was registered on 20th March 2014, meaning that the website did not exist before this date. It is registered to an address in Columbia, Maryland; this is strange, because the product is apparently made by a Canadian company. You can look up the registration details here: – note, sometimes the registration address is given as an anonymous address; this may be perfectly legitimate.

A quick look at the website shoes that it does have the Surely Slim product, along with some other products such as one to improve memory and another to improve love making for men.

Surely Slim product details

The Bio-Paranta website describes Surely Slim combining the “3 most powerful weight loss supplements” to create an “Appetite Suppressant” that forces your body to use fat instead of sugar for energy. It contains “NO stimulants, so NO jitters”.

What does it contain?

Surely Slim labelAccording to the photo of the label from their website, Surely Slim contains the following ingredients:

  • Garcia Cambogia 400 mg
  • Green Coffee Bean Extract 400 mg
  • Respberry Ketones 400 mg
  • Green tea extract 100 mg

There are some other ingredients but I cannot make them out on the image (you can click the image above to enlarge and see if you can read it).

So, what can we make of this? First, green coffee beans contain caffeine, so it is odd that they say “NO stimulants”. Caffeine is a stimulant. Also, some studies have indicated the green coffee may actually be unhealthy (see research section at the end of this article).

As for the other ingredients, we have mentioned these all in passing before. None of them have been proven to aid weight loss at all. There is some circumstantial evidence that they might help, but scientific testing has so far only shown that they do not. Read our article on Raspberry Ketones to learn what we currently know about this product (some mice lost weight, once. No humans).

Dr Oz talking about Garcinia

Dr Oz talking about Garcinia

Garcinia Cambogia is another product which is often used in weight loss supplements, and so far no evidence supports that it works. Dr. Oz, the America television presenter, is partly responsible for promoting it as a weight loss supplement. In 2012 Dr. Oz said that it was “an exciting breakthrough in natural weight-loss”. This alone was a way to lose weight without diet or exercise!

However, multiple studies into the product have come up negative. Research from 1998 concluded that “Garcinia cambogia failed to produce significant weight loss and fat mass loss beyond that observed with placebo.” So, why is it still being used in supplements sixteen years later?

Green tea is another popular supplement that has failed to stand up to scientific studies. Green tea is good for health, but as far as weight loss is concerned it does not help. In 2012 we asked Does Green Tea Really Aid Weight Loss?, we concluded that “there is still no clear evidence that it is really effective”.

So, in short, this product does not contain any ingredients which are proven to aid weight loss. Also, it does not contain any chemicals that will prevent your body burning sugar for energy, and the claims that it is not a stimulant are contradicted by the label.

Testimonials on the site

Bizarrely the website does have testimonials from satisfied customers. One is from Susan, dated 21/10/2013 (yes, before the website was made). Here it is:

Sure Slim Susan testimonial

OK, this may not have meant to be deceptive, but the photo next to Susan’s testimonial is available on several stock photo websites; it is called “Young woman (16-17) holding Scales, thumbs up” on MasterFile.

The next one is even stranger. It is from Maria, who also describes how she struggled with weight loss until she found Surely Slim. Here she is:

Marias Surely Slim review - 08/06/2013

Maria’s Surely Slim review – 08/06/2013

What is really strange about “Maria” is that on September 19, 2011, Huffington Post ran a story “Laura Lost 81 Pounds Post-Baby“.  The photo that claims to be of Maria is in fact that of Laura Temple. She explained that in 2007 she weighed 220 pounds so decided to lose weight. How did she lose the weight? She said: “Sheer determination! Unless the weather was unbearable (I lived in Seattle), I put my baby in the stroller and took a one-hour walk every day until I had lost about 20 pounds.”

She later joined Weight Watchers Online and tracked points. She carried on exercising. In August 2011, four years later, she reached her goal weight of 155 pounds. And not a single weight loss pill consumed.

Laura’s top tips: “As long as I don’t lie to myself about portion sizes, and as long as I keep track of everything, I will lose weight. I try to make healthy food choices”. It is that simple: eat less, eat healthy, exercise.


This is a new product and there are currently (May 27, 2014) no reviews of it on the Internet, other than the ones on their own website which do not appear to be entirely honest.

The product will probably not help people lose weight beyond that of a placebo (which means it has no biological effect). The ingredients do not aid weight loss and so far the only people who have reviewed it publicly is Jane, who spammed my website this morning.

Make your own judgement, but remember, always be careful. Sometimes people make claims for products that do not stand up to testing. Good diet and exercise always works.


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  7 comments for “Surely Slim – A New “natural Herbs” Weight Loss Supplement

  1. Chris Freeman
    July 2, 2014 at 1:27 am

    Hi there,

    I’m a Javita member/distributor. Thanks for having such an honest discussion about these weight loss products. I never trust people who swing too far either way, “it works great, I lost 50lbs in two weeks” or “this crap sucks, I drank 3 cups a day for 3 months and gained 6 lbs.” Really? You drank a year’s supply in 3 months!?!

    There are in fact small studies that report Garcinia Cambogia is conducive to weight loss, but small amounts. All of these products, GC, RK, GCE all report small weight loss, like 2-4 lbs. But some companies, like Javita, maximize this by combining them with other products.

    Javita uses Yerba Mate in its coffee, and Gymnema Sylvestre in its tea. The resulting combo may not include weight loss through the claims of increased metabolism, which again scientifically is proven to account for small amounts of weight loss, but more so through appetite suppressant. Eating less is truly the only way to sustainable weight loss.

    Javita helps me curb my appetite, yet still have good energy throughout the day. Which makes sense, if your body isn’t fighting itself in dealing with excess weight, its more efficient at maintaining itself. I checked the BMI table table, and my height, 5′ 11 3/4″ is in the middle in 179-184 being my max healthy weight.

    With javita, and no “work out” I’ve been at 180lbs for 3 months now. Bu no “work out”, I may do a set of 20 push ups before bed sometime, or a couple of arm curls on the bowflex, but just one set and that’s it. Nothing more than 3-4 mins a couple of times a week…maybe.

    But I have seen some people fail at it. what I’ve noticed is it may take 6-8 weeks for someone already working out to see a 4-6 lbs drop. And dangerously obese people, 80+ lbs may not see a measurable change for 8+ weeks. People in the 10-20lbs over weight range seem to have the best effect.

  2. Sarah
    September 11, 2014 at 2:18 pm

    Hi i am going on holiday in 5 weeks and really want to shift another stone

  3. MotleyHealth
    September 11, 2014 at 2:42 pm

    Hi Sarah, a stone in 5 weeks is going to be hard. What do you weigh now? Are you exercising already? Diet?

  4. Don Bodenbach
    March 3, 2015 at 10:05 am

    I’ve also experienced using “natural Herbs” Weight Loss Supplement. It’s very effective and good for the health.

  5. MotleyHealth
    March 4, 2015 at 3:02 pm

    Really? That is surprising.

  6. Don Bodenbach
    March 5, 2015 at 1:30 pm

    There are many weight loss products in our market but I think this Surely Slim product is very effective.

  7. MotleyHealth
    March 5, 2015 at 1:34 pm

    Why do you think that Don? Have you read the article? None of the ingredients are proven to aid weight loss, its just another supplement packed with caffeine and other chemicals. At best it is a placebo.

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