Stuck In Lockdown Limbo? Explore Virtual Reality and Online Entertainment

woman playing chess online on a laptop at homeLockdown as a result of coronavirus has brought about many new challenges for people, but possibly the most important challenge to overcome is social isolation. Many people, especially those that live alone, have not seen friends of family for months, and this can be very detrimental to mental health. So, if you have not already explored the virtual world that is at your finger tips, now is the time.

Video games come in many forms today – they are no longer the shoot-em-up or fight games that became popular in the 70s and 80s. There are now immersive worlds of fantasy to explore, incredibly realistic action games, life simulation games, role playing, strategy games, and many more traditional games. So let’s look at some virtual gaming options that will entertain you and also give you the chance to get more socials.

One of the fastest growing games during lockdown has been chess – popularised once again by Netflix’s The Queen’s Gambit, chess has had a revival, and the internet allows people to play others of equal rating all over the world. Beginners no longer need to worry that they will be beaten constantly by expert players, because every player is given a rating and can play people of similar skill – platforms such as make this very simple, and it also provides good training and live streaming of international chess events. 

By the way – scientists and researchers maintain that gaming is beneficial to your health and character development. Some of the advantages that could arise from online gaming include:

Improved learning among younger children 

Video games create an interactive platform for skill development among children. Some of these online games combine educational tools with device cameras and voice recognition software to provide an exemplary learning experience. Games like Minecraft provide children with the opportunity to create new worlds and even provide an introduction to computer programming

Video Games help you improve concentration and memory

Every game involves tasks to achieve a goal. Engaging your brain in virtual gaming experiences expands your imagination skills and helps you develop concentration and problem-solving skills. A study by the University  of Arkansas found that One Hour of Video Gaming Can Increase the Brain’s Ability to Focus.

Some institutions use video games to help students improve their memory and capacity to process information. Virtual games involve a lot of multitasking. A game may require you to find items while competing or fighting off an opponent. These games improve a player’s reaction and teach people to pay attention to detail.

Some games build career skills

Some modern games are complex and require skills that you can apply in real-life careers. Great examples are the flight simulation games that have all the controls of an airplane. Tutors use these flight simulators to teach aspiring pilots before allowing them to take to the sky.

Online games nurture relationships

The most significant advantage of internet gaming is that you don’t have to be in the same room with your partner to enjoy gaming with them. Online gaming provides the opportunity to bond and share moments with people that we may not naturally sit with or talk to. 

Online gaming is especially beneficial to disabled people and socially challenged individuals who avoid physical moments with others.

Online multiplayer games improve teamwork

Regardless of which career you are in, it would be best to work with people to meet your individual and organization’s goals. Playing multiplayer games helps in teamwork character development. It also educates individuals on creative ways to work and interact together so as to meet common goals. Massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs) such as World of Warcraft require you to join guilds, which can be like social clubs – you meet new people, chat, joke and have fun while playing the game, and work together to win competitions and progress in the game.

Online games provide an avenue to win money

Online gambling is slowly overtaking physical gambling. It provides players the opportunity to bet and win at the comfort of a player’s home. Many people who have been working from home throughout the lockdown have been saving money, as nights out and vacations have been cancelled, and this has led more people to seek ways to use their spare money for some online entertainment. As well as an increase in Netflix, Amazon and Disney subscriptions, more people are visiting online gaming rooms. Nowadays, you find UK casinos not connected to GamStop, and pick the one most convenient for your needs using a smartphone or a tablet with an internet connection. There are plenty of non GamStop casinos that allow you the freedom to gamble without restrictions.

Virtual games might improve vision

Although it seems unlikely, video games improve people’s visibility. A player’s visibility improves because of the constant concentration for long periods. 

The change in contrast and lighting of the screen during the game trains the eyes to quickly adjust during normal activities.

In summary, the effects of online games may vary differently between people. The positive impact of gaming experienced by people depends on the extent they play and the games they choose to play. Whether you want to explore new words and make new friends, relive historic battlefields in a first person  perspective, command armies, or just have some fun trying to win some money, there is something for you online, so get out there and explore your options.

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