Still plodding on

Submitted by Jon on Wed, 14/11/2007 – 1:17am

On Saturday I decided to try a new slightly longer route, but I forgot to time it. I think that I ran for about 45 minutes, and I hope that the route was about 3 miles, but I really do not know. Tonight I did a quick run around the village, which took 20:58 minutes. Felt good, but very tiring. The two runs were very different. On Saturday I was fresh, and headed off at a very slow but steady pace. Tonight my legs were still feeling a little tired, and I headed out at a slightly faster pace. I was pretty cold, and by the time I was heading home my sweat was starting to chill me a little too much. I may have to look into getting something better to run in during the cold winter months, as currently I am still using the same old sweatshirt that I bought about 8 years ago when I was trying to get fit whilst living in Walthamstow! I failed on that attempt. Hopefully I will not fail this time. The Great Baddow 10 mile charity run is now only 6 months away. I really need to increase the level of my training.

New Jogger

Comment by Guest on Fri, 25/07/2008 – 6:29pm.

I’ve decided to start jogging, I am not sure how it will work out. I’m not overweight or anything, I just really want a flat stomach and to be healthier. I have a heart problem, (2 murmurs and severe mitrovalve prolapse), so I can’t run/jog hard, but I would really like to help my heart and body be a little more enduring and to have the stomach I want, so hopefully I can get myself into a routine of wanting to exercise, because right now that is my biggest problem. I am so tired after working that I talk myself out of it. So hopefully by Monday I can report back saying that I have at least went for 2 jogs.

Planning to combat my cold and the cold when running…….

Submitted by Jon on Sun, 18/11/2007 – 9:52pm

If it isn’t one thing, it’s another. I have been suffering from a bad cold now since Friday, and not been up to running. I am on the mend today, but still do not feel like a run this evening.

I have been slightly productive though, as I decided to get opinions on winter weather running gear from the Runners World forums, and was given some good advice. Looks like the I need some “wicking” clothing. What’s wicking? (that’s what I asked) – well, wicking is fabric that actively transports sweat away from your body so that you stay relatively dry. Here are some of the things that I need:

long-sleeved technical base-layer with a high-viz gilet
proper running tights

“It’s well worth investing in good-quality wicking kit that won’t get heavy, cold and damp with sweat.”

One reader had the same problem as me, and did the following bought “hi-viz gillet from jjb sports (£8), then a technical wicking long sleeve top (£15) and pair of ron hill tracksters (£25) from my local sports shop.”

Looks like I need to get down to my local sports and fitness shops. There are a couple in town, and hte JJB one is pretty big, so I will probably go there first.

27:34 minutes in new winter running clothes

Submitted by Jon on Sat, 24/11/2007 – 9:45pm

What a terrible run! Today I bought some new clothes to go running in as the weather has got a lot colder since I started my new running regime in the summer. This afternoon I headed to JJB Sports in Chelmsford and bought a Nike Dri-Fit short sleeved shirt for GBP20.00. I was a little disappointed with the selection, and could not decide on any other items of clothing, so I headed back to the coffee shop where my wife and son were waiting.

The coffee shop must be part of a chain that also sells ski clothes and various other items of clothing. I noticed at first some ski clothes for sale, and then took a closer look and found various thermal and wicking clothes for sports. I bought a Tchibo thermal running top (93% polyester, 7% elastane), which has a high collar and extra long sleeves with thumb holes. These are excellent. The last time I ran I was trying to pull my sweatshirt sleeves down over my hands as I ran, which did not work. These long sleeves with thumb holes are great!

I also bought Tchibo sports underwear (55% cotton, 45% polyamide), which is a pair of “long Johns” and a long sleeved shirt. They were on offer at two sets for GBP10.00, so seemed too good to miss. I just wore the long Johns under my tracksuit bottoms, and my legs stayed nice and warm for the whole run. My arms did feel a little cold, so next time I may wear the long sleeved vest under my Nike shirt, under my Tchibo running top.

Anyway, today’s run was certainly more pleasant than the last one in terms of cold comfort, but the actual run was hell. I headed off at a slow plod, and soon my legs (calves) were tired, and it was a hell of an effort to continue. I plodding around my village route for 27:34 minutes, which was a slow run indeed. But I am glad I did it, as I am now recovered from my cold (although I still have a little phlegm on my chest) and am now determined to get back into the swing of things. I think that I need to start running 3 or 4 times per week if I am to get fit enough to do a 10 mile run next May.

The big question for me now is – can I get back into my weight training routine. It has been a long time, but I need to up my workload if I want to get really fit.

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