Steroids: Are They Worth The Risk?

As we approach the end of January, many people start to worry that their New Year Resolution to get fitter and burn fat is not going as planned, and start to consider more drastic action to boost results. Today, we take a quick look at steroids, and ask, are they worth it?

Performance enhancing drugs, more commonly known as steroids, have long been a feature of the fitness and sports world – whether that’s in the Olympics or your amateur weightlifter at your local gym.

Anabolic steroids are typically used to help improve performance in a search for a competitive edge or trying to get big quicker, but they don’t come without risk. As shown by industry-leading personal trainer course and fitness education provider Premier Global. The side effects can be serious – even deadly.

Adverse effects of steroids in men can see an increase in breast tissue, baldness, shrunken testicles and infertility/impotence. While women who use anabolic steroids may develop a deeper, more masculine voice, enlarged genitals, increased body hair and infrequent and absent periods.

Continued substance misuse can lead to serious life threatening conditions such as heart disease, including heart attacks and strokes.

The side effects, and potential jail sentence if you’re found to be in possession of the substance and are supplying it to other people, is not enough to put some off.

According to research reported by Men’s Health a third of amateur sportsmen in the UK said they know someone who has doped, and 8% said they had taken steroids.

In 2016, some clinics even reported an eight-fold increase in the number of steroids user visits. Staggeringly, instead of relying solely on a good diet plan, somewhere between 60,000 and a million people are using steroids in the UK – which would represent 3% of the male population.

The numbers suggest that while anabolic steroids can have an adverse effect on your health, many are still risking the potential fatal health complications to try and get ahead.

What Happens When You Take Steroids

What Happens When You Abuse Steroids
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