How To Cope with Diabetes With Diet and Exercise

Diabetes is a progressive disease that can lead to disability, loss of limbs. blindness and a range of other serious health problems. Research companies and healthcare providers are working hard to find ways to help diabetes patients permanently. While the disease itself cannot be cured at the moment, you can still live a normal life if you lead a healthier lifestyle.

First, accept that you need to change. This is often the most difficult thing to do. You can consult the University of Arizona and the RN to MSN programs’ website for more information. They even released a poster based on multiple studies to help people with diabetes know exactly what to do.

Second, take active steps. Start adding at least 25 minutes of exercise to your daily routine. Change your diet and substitute some food items to keep your blood sugar level in check. Try to lose up to 7% of your body fat, but make sure you do it in a healthiest way possible.

You can learn more about both diabetes from the following Understanding Chronic Conditions: Diabetes poster, which is based on the teachings of the University of Arizona Online Nursing Degree.

UIderstanding Diabetes

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