Slow Progress – Week 12 – 90kg

Submitted by Jon on Wed, 07/05/2008 – 7:06am

OK, I have had a bad week really. It has been a great test though. My in-laws left early yesterday morning,so the meals out, banquets and drinking sessions are over. I over-indulged a little at times with cakes, beer, carrots, and even some bread too on Sunday (2 burgers).

But, somehow, according to my scales this morning, I am down to 90kg. So those few sensible decisions over the last week must have helped. Generally avoiding bread, rice, pasta (the staple foods in the house over the last week) and sticking to lower carb meals, has worked.

Was back on track yesterday with a 3 egg breakfast and a chicken stew lunch and dinner. Just need to carry on, and get exercising again! Now time for work.

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