Six Simple Life Hacks to Help Sleep Better

woman sleeping wellIt’s nearly impossible to be your absolute best when you are fighting chronic sleeplessness. Our daily grind can be much too fast and sometimes too hard to keep up with even when we have slept adequately

To be on top of your game you really need to be getting to recommended amount of sleep for your age and gender. But let’s be honest, that can be a task within itself.

These are just a few simple life hacks that you can use to change your nightly routine. When you start making the adjustments slowly you will begin to get used to a healthier sleep schedule and a deeper, easier sleep.

1. Dial Down Your Room Temperature

This is a very simple change that will help you out a lot in the long run, though it make take a little bit of time for your body to properly adjust to it. Some may love to sleep in a very warm environment where they are cuddled up under blankets and cozy and the temperature is balmy.

This warm temperature may actually be one of the biggest hinders to your normal sleep schedule. Your body can much more quickly overheat in the night and cause you to sweat and wake up from a restless night.

You should try dialing down your temperature and keeping the room relatively cool to allow for better sleeping. You can always put a warm blanket on top but your body will stay at a comfortable temperature and will allow you to sleep deeper in the night.

Remember your bedroom is more than that, it is not just a place you live but your sleep environment.

2. Watch What You Eat Before Bed Time

There are so many good foods for you but those are not usually the ones we reach for when we’re having a late night craving. When you go to your fridge in the middle of the night you are probably flinging it open and hunting for something like pizza or ice cream.

It’s much better for your sleep if you stop snacking and watch what you eat a few hours before bed time, and big meals should definitely not be consumed right before you head off to bed. This is all because your body starts to slow down when it’s time to sleep, and your metabolism is not in the best state to consume large amounts of food and especially not foods high in fat.

When your body tries to process that kind of food late at night you will only get heartburn and maybe a few extra pounds in the long run as well. Foods like ice cream and chocolate also are filled with caffeine and will actually keep you awake and alert rather than sleepy and nodding off.

3. Take a Little Exercise

Regular exercise helps our bodies to find sleep easier, so try to do a little workout early in the evening, ideally a little before dinner time. Working your body often is a great way to manage your weight and look fitter and healthier in general.

4. Set and Keep a Strict Sleep Schedule

This one actually seems to be pretty hard for most folks as lives are busy and the evenings are the best time to do all of the things you actually like. You should start regarding your sleep like an appointment you made with a very important person–yourself.

If you decide bedtime should be around ten o’clock each night try to make it a point to be home and getting ready for bed each night at least half an hour before. While you may not be able to force yourself to sleep exactly at ten on the dot you will be training your body to get tired around this time each night.

5. Rely on Natural Light and Cut Out the Electronic Use

One of the worst things you can do is play around on your phone or tablet or watch television before you go to sleep. The artificial light tricks your body into thinking that it is day time and that you should be awake.

You need your body to rely on its natural instincts and to relax in the evenings as it gets darker. Your body is smart enough on its own to recognize that it is late and time to sleep and by introducing lights in the evening will only confuse your body.

The same way in the mornings it would actually be good for you to be woken by natural light if possible. Now some jobs require you to be awake before the sun so that may not be possible but when it is, let the curtains hang a little open and the sunlight wake you naturally.

6. Consider Diffusing Essential Oils in Your Bedroom

If you have tried a variety of things to help with your sleep issues then it may be time to try a new approach. While adjustments to your routine and environment are important you may want to consider adding in some essential oils.

Essential oils are a good route to go before you turn to chemical supplements like sleep aid pills that can be addicting. Essential oils are natural and do not lead to dependence, and can be applied in a few different ways.

You can use the oils with a carrier oil and apply it to your skin or you can apply a few drops to your pillow case. You can also invest in a diffuser and allow the oils to circulate in the air, and then you will naturally breathe them in while you are trying to sleep.

The oils used for sleep are usually very fine fragrances that are calming without being overwhelming. There are also many different oils you can try to find the one or ones you like best.

Final thoughts

Getting enough sleep and drinking enough water are two things your body desperately needs, your doctor probably constantly reminds you of, and seem to be the hardest to actually accomplish. You require about eight cups of water in a day and eight hours of sleep each night.

While there are a variety of reasons why sleep is so difficult to come by, some reasons are actually our own fault. By making adjustments to our schedules and applying these life hacks you will start to see a change in your sleep patterns and hopefully your overall well being.

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