Senior Wellness: 7 Definite Signs Your Aging Parents Need Extra Assistance

Even though it is the cycle of life, it can be heart-wrenching to watch your beloved parents age into fragile beings who can no longer do the things they once thrived for. Unfortunately, there is no avoiding age, and the latter years are definitely not for the faint of heart, as aging comes along with various age-related health concerns. In addition, depending on the severity, live-in care might also be a suitable option to protect your parents without having to send them away to a pricey facility where they won’t be all that comfortable.

Although, regardless of which steps of action you take to protect the health and wellbeing of your aging parents, if you notice one or more of these concerning signs, you must consult your parents’ healthcare practitioner to establish the best course of action.

That said, if you notice the following definite signs that your aging parents require more assistance, you can consider medical alert systems to stay in the loop with their overall health. These devices monitor various elements of health, ranging from blood pressure to heart activity and everything in between. And the system will dispatch loved ones or emergency services the second it’s necessary.

Memory Problems Are Becoming Noticeable

Aging individuals face many health concerns, ranging from arthritis and osteoporosis, dementia and several others. Unfortunately, one of the early signs of dementia is memory problems. Although, it does not always mean that memory problems are related to the development of dementia.

That said, if you notice your parents seem to be more and more forgetful each time you visit, it’s best not to brush this sort of thing off, as it could be severe.

Beyond the potential development of dementia and the need for additional prescription medications, your parents can also benefit from live-in care and alert systems in this situation.

Missed Medications Are Becoming More Frequent

Missed medication is another clear sign of memory ailments. Although, this situation is hazardous, as many aging parents rely on various medications to either keep their heart pumping, manage blood pressure, or manage other health ailments that would otherwise be fatal.

To help your parents remember medications, you can set timers and reminders for them on their phones, consider storing medicines in a more accessible area of their home, or opt for live-in care if these initial efforts don’t mend the issue.

Unpaid Bills Are Pilling Up

An increasing stack of unpaid bills is enough to stress out most of us. Although, if you notice your parents seem to be overlooking the importance of paying their bills, this is likely a sign that they simply are not up to the task anymore.

This particular issue is also exceptionally concerning, as debt buildups can be a massive burden, especially if your parents are entering a stage in their lives when they require extra care. So, don’t shrug off this particular concern; ensure their bills are paid and look into suitable options to give your parents the extra care they now desperately need.

Household Chores Are Neglected

Aging is exceptionally taxing on one’s physical state; completing ordinary tasks can suddenly become an uphill battle. So, if you’ve noticed that your parents can no longer keep up with household chores, the physical exertion might be too much to bear. On the other hand, this can also be associated with dementia and other age-related conditions that impact memory.

In this case, your parents may only require the extra assistance of a domestic cleaning service that will keep their living environment clean and safe. Unfortunately, messy environments are not ideal as clutter, and insufficient space can be a risk of injuries. Furthermore, air quality and other things will also degrade, negatively impacting your parents’ health even more.

That said, once you have found a reliable cleaning service, you must also discuss the concern with your parents’ health care provider. Even though the problem is solved, you will need to uncover potential health ailments that would require treatment.

Driving Concerns Seems Relevant

Driving gives us an invaluable level of freedom, and for this reason, many aging individuals struggle to give up driving, as they would instead hold onto the freedom. So, even if you notice that your parents have more and more driving mishaps, they may feel unwilling to give up the skill.

Unfortunately, allowing your parents to continue driving will endanger both them and everyone else on the roads. To assist your parents in making a responsible decision, you should consider going through signs that it’s time to stop driving. You can also find online questionnaires that can be very helpful in determining the severity of the situation.

Simple Tasks Are Becoming Challenging

While it is pretty essential for seniors to stay active with regular exercise, they should maintain their routine where possible. Not doing this can increase the risks of depression and other ailments, as we all find purpose within our routines and responsibilities.

Although, when simple tasks become difficult due to age, it can be frustrating and heart-wrenching for the senior in question to face the reality in which they can no longer care for themselves.

So, if this is a particular concern, you should consider live-in care that will still give your parents the option to do what they still can regarding their routines. The alternative of a care facility means that your parents won’t handle much themselves, which is not always a positive approach for seniors.

Unexplained Bruising And Injuries

As we age, we become more fragile. Unfortunately, this leads to frequent mishaps and accidents, such as slips and falls and others. Even though a few unexplained bruises might not initially seem all that concerning, slips and falls can be fatal for seniors, and severe cases can leave them paralyzed or permanently enduring the initial injury’s pain.

Medical alert systems, live-in care, and other services are readily available to help you give your parents the care and support they need. So, if you notice some of the above signs, you should search for the most suitable solutions with the help of your parents’ healthcare provider. And, remember that no matter your age, it is a good idea to exercise if it’s possible.

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