Reversing the Snowball at 4.12am

Submitted by Jon on Sat, 20/06/2009 – 4.12am

Hello. Could not sleep. Anyway, this morning’s blog is a little earlier than planned!

Firstly, I would just like to thank all the other would be bloggers that are here, and itching to get started. Come one, get your pens out and start blogging!

I have started my fitness regime, again, with renewed vigour. Last year I lost 10kg, and got my weight down to about 84kg. Just before Christmas, I stopped my healthy diet, stopped exercising, and between Christmas and May I put on 10 or 12kg – at my maximum I was 97kg. I had to make a change. Again.

I decided that I do not want to be the fat dad picking his son up from school, or to keel over and die of a heart attack when I am 45 years old, leaving my family without their rock. So I need to lose weight.

My home gym (garage) has turned into a storage room. The power rack and weights are all there still, but covered in paddling pools, bouncy castles, high chairs, old furniture plus many bags of miscellaneous items that my wife has instructed me to move to the garage. So essentially, my gym is out of order. So, I am running.

I now run around my village, with is about 2.5 miles. Maybe 3. Not really sure. It takes me about 30 minutes. It is hard. I start easy, speed up a little, slow down a little, then sprint as fast as I can up the final hill. I work bloody hard on the last hill climb, panting, sweating. Usain Bolt would be proud of me. Maybe.

Also doing some circuit training, although now that I am running more, I am focussing on press ups, crunches and dumbbell curls. Last night I did 40 press ups in one go, followed by another 30. A few weeks ago 20 was my maximum.

I feel fitter, and I am happy with progress. Although it is still slow. I am still about 94kg, so a long way to go. But I feel better, and I am running better, which means I will burn more fat and lose more weight. The fitter and stronger I get, the harder I can work, which means I lose more weight. Like a snowball effect, but in reverse. Reversing the Snowball. Now that makes a good title.

OK, time for sleep.

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