2008 – Another New Beginning

Quick weight training session – shoulder press, tricep and curls supersets

Submitted by Jon on Fri, 04/01/2008 – 12:24am

Did a fast session this evening. The garage was freezing, so did not want to spend too long. I attempted to warm up with some bodyweight squats and it was too cold for that. So just warmed up the upper body, then got on with the session.

Just did shoulder presses, 30kg, 3 sets of 8 then one to failure, I think 5 reps. This was followed by 20kg tricep extensions and hammer curls supersetted using the same tricep bar. Did sets of 5. Triceps tired very quickly, so moved on to do 3 sets of 10 EZ-bar curls with 20kg, then final set being drag curls. Finished off with 10 bent over rows with a light bar – still keeping an eye on my back. Upper arms feel well pumped again, but not so much as in the previous session. I did not give myself much recovery time between each set. Did not want to cool down too much.

So, in summary:

  • Shoulder press: 30kg
  • Tricep extension: 20kg
  • Double hammer curl with tricep bar: 20kg
  • EZ-bar curls: 20kg
  • EZ-bar drag curls: 20kg

Had a Weider Muscle Builder shake with extra chocolate powder, 2 slices of wholemeal toast with butter, and a cup of tea to finish. I think that the cup of tea is probably the most important nutritional component of my current bodybuilding regime. I already feel ready for another session!

Started training again

Submitted by Jon on Tue, 05/02/2008 – 1:03am

Went to my kung-fu class this evening for this first time since before Christmas. I decided to take January off. I had a string of colds and had generally been feeling run down, so decided a month of rest was required. Now back in training. Aching a little already, had my protein supplements and fish oils after training this evening. Felt good to be back, but I really need to start increasing my workload. Need to go running and get back into my garage to lift some weights too. I did some weight trainign over Christmas, but did not bother blogging about it. Just the usual shoulder presses, bench press and curls, with some tricep extensions thrown in.

Another late night, time for bed. One area of health and fitness that I have really been neglecting is getting a good nights sleep. I need to start getting my 8 hours if possible. Although tonight will be about 6 1/2…… if I fall asleep right away.


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