Quick Update – 85.2kg – Wheat Free Diet – Walking – Another Cold!

Submitted by Jon on Fri, 10/10/2008 – 1:16am

OK, so how am I doing? Once again I have hit some stumbling blocks. I managed to catch another bad cold, and that stopped me doing my new circuit training. I also spent a long weekend stuffing my face with chicken soup and chocolate to make myself better. The chocolate was purely to aid mental recovery!

I am still walking home from the railway station everyday as part of my Credit Crunch Fitness Plan. Total savings are about £200 each month (no bus, no morning coffee, cheaper breakfast, cheaper lunches, no kung-fu, less petrol). All adds up.

But there is good news! Yesterday I hopped on the scales after my wife decided to weigh herself, and I was surprised – actually shocked – to see that I had lost more weight. Not sure what the cause is though. I weighed myself again today, to make sure that last night was not just a freaky glitch, and I still weigh 95.2kg.

I think that the reason maybe a combination of diet and walking. As said, I am still walking about 45 minutes everyday working day. But also, I am on a wheat free diet. I spoke to a doc the other week, and he thinks that I have a wheat intolerance, so advised me to give up wheat to SIX MONTHS!!! I happen to think that that is a bit excessive. This means no bread, no pizza, no doughnuts, no cakes, no biscuits. Practically nothing. So my new daily eating regime is more or less:

Breakfast – porridge with raisins and honey / maple syrup
Lunch – jacket potato with some sort of chicken/meat stew on top
Supper – soup
Snacks – lots of chocolate “energy bars”.

I have decided also that energy bars are a waste of money. They cost several times more than chocolate, never taste so good, and do not have much more energy in them. And it appears to be working. On my last weigh in (several weeks ago I think) my weight had crept up to 97kg again. So lost 2kg without really trying. Well done me! maybe I can get down to 80kg before the Christmas binge!

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