Pros and Cons of Regression Therapy

the mindRegression therapy is a treatment approach aimed at resolving past events, which might be interfering with your present emotional and mental wellness. It is a treatment for conditions such as intimacy issues, depression, phobia, and any other concern that affects your overall health and wellness. Regressive therapy involves reliving and revisiting the experience that contributed to the development of those conditions.

However, regressive therapy is somewhat controversial because of limited research that supports the potential and method for dealing with false memories. Everyone out there wants to know the health benefits of undergoing past life analysis or regressive therapy. It brings a lot of benefits including satisfaction of one’s curiosity about their past life along with the desire to understand your impact in ancient societies.

Here are the pros and cons of undergoing a past life analysis.


Creativity Enhancement

Maybe the past life experiences that you no longer possess would have gifted you with different creative attributes and talents. That means people can decide to go back to their past life and try to bring those attributes and abilities to their present life. Revising and reliving your experience can make you more creative and gifted than you are.

Trauma Treatment

Healing trauma is the most significant benefits of undergoing past life analysis. It enables people to rescue themselves from any trauma that was tormenting them in the past by bringing it to their present life. One way to mitigate the effects of trauma is to reflect on that traumatic event and try to gain a perspective from it.


Though affirmation may seem less significant, it is the most profound reason for undergoing past life therapy. It is after past life analysis that people realize who they are, their values, their passions, and discover their hidden talents. You will feel more affirmed and grounded than before after undergoing past life analysis.

Overt Acts

It could be a possibility that your past life wasn’t full of adverse events. However, your past life itself could have contributed significantly to all challenged that you encountered. If that was the case, the best way to get healed is to seek forgiveness through an act of atonement or reflecting on your past.

Review your Broken Promises

You probably made some promises in the past but ended up honoring some and disregarding others. Your ignored promises may have impacted your life badly, and it could be the time to reflect on them and see how you can honor them. Going back to your former you could help spot any outstanding obligation that you may have towards someone. In case of any obligation, you might need to make changes that are suitable for your present needs and address those disregarded obligations.

Flourished Spirituality

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Everyone has a notion about what flourishing spiritually means. It can mean being in a state of spiritual blessing, but it all depends on economic distress, the presence of depression or happiness, and physical health. However, as documented in the article “How to Discover Your Past Life with Past Life Regression” (, where Julia Cannon says that the fear of death isn’t unusual because it is the fear of the unknown that causes it, your past life regression will be guided by the life that you once lived as well as the lives of people who already passed on.

In fact, this is what helps people overcome the fear of the unknown. After undergoing past life regression, you will realize that some people were on the other side waiting to support you in both death and life. When people expose themselves to their deepest fear, which of course, is the fear of death, fear will no longer overwhelm them; instead, it will vanish and shrink.

Mysteries Explanation

You have probably come across a group of people who were born in a specific country, but they seem obsessed with the culture of another nation. You might as well know someone whose lifestyle and dressing appears as if it belongs to a different culture, period, or era. Though this may seem like it is a mere coincidence, someone might have forgotten his or her preferences or tastes or lived a century ago.


Time-Consuming and Slow

Regressive therapy could be slow and time-consuming due to the unresponsiveness of a patient. A psychic may not be able to guide patients who feel uncomfortable or don’t trust them with their past life. As such, it is crucial that a patient be responsive and eager and commit to the task at hand.

Not ideal for anyone with high risk for stroke or heart attacks

Past life analysis or regression therapy has no harmful effects on a patient. However, the procedures involved could sometimes affect people with a higher risk for stroke or heart attack negatively. Such people should avoid it because it brings intense emotions. Instead, they should inform their therapist before regressive therapy session starts. It might even be advisable for them to get approval from their care physician before undergoing the procedure.


An incompetent psychic could affect the regressive therapy experience negatively. It is, therefore, necessary for a therapist to come up with the right questions, which will guide them as they try to take their clients to their past lives. However, an experienced and knowledgeable psychic can make their clients more comfortable with their expertise and skill set than before. Otherwise, the entire treatment session experience won’t be fruitful.

Critics claim that people could make up all their past life even without the need to connect to the actual reality. That means there are ways through which people can check how valid their thoughts are. However, your past life is still beneficial even if it is already made up. After all, every aspect of your life was made up for you. Of course, everyone wished they could join a school, become a professional, get a family, and ultimately age with their spouse. Such people should capitalize on the internet to satiate their curiosity as they undergo past life analysis.

Apart from intriguing questions that a therapist may ask his or her clients about an event that never took place, it is crucial to try to understand the feelings and thoughts of people undergoing regressive therapy. After all, regressive therapy is a treatment approach where a therapist encourages the person to consider their past life possibility. Though regarded as controversial, past-life regression therapy has proved beneficial in cases where the patient or client believes in the potential of their past life.

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