Oranges Wrapped in Clingfilm

Submitted by Jon on Fri, 13/02/2009 – 9:37am

A lady on the train today was not taking any precautions against getting her purse stolen, which meant that I accidentely peaked into her bag for a second. I was a little surprised to see a healthy, probably organic, orange in her bag, wrapped in Clingfilm (cellaphame). Isn’t this totally unnecessary? I see this as a sign of how peoples attitudes have changed for the worse in recent years. This woman was making an effort to be healthy, but felt the need to protect the contents of her bag from this filthy fruit. Is the skin of an orange so acidic that it burns through Versace leather purses? Will it leave a horrid lingering stench of citrus in her bag if it is not vacuum wrapped?

I now make a point of not putting fresh fruit and vegetables in plastic bags when I shop at the supermareket. I just leave them rolling around in the trolley, before placing them on the conveyor belt, then straight into my cloth bag. Why do people wrap fruit? It grows with its own wrapping! Stop living in fear or fresh food people, learn to accept it, just how your grand parents did.

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