OK, I am still a jogger…..

Submitted by Jon on Thu, 16/08/2007 – 10:28pm

A definition of runners and joggers:

“To distinguish runners from joggers, authorities on the subject say that runners run a mile in seven minutes or less, train and look for competitive events to race in, or run solely for the sheer enjoyment of running; whereas joggers, who on average run 10 to 15 minutes a mile, are not as interested in competing against others as they are in improving their health and fitness.”

So, my last run was 2.05 miles in 26 minutes, which works out to be approximately 12.6 minutes per mile. So, based on the above definition, I am still a jogger. SO, I now know my first main aim in my new running for fitness program – to run around my Second Baddow Circle in 14 minutes. I just need to knock 12 minutes off my time, and then I can say that I am a runner!

A very sluggish couple of days

Submitted by Jon on Tue, 21/08/2007 – 12:12am

I have really struggled the last couple of days. Last night I went for a run, but very soon my legs just died on me. I must have walked about half of the route I was supposed to be running. I tried to dig deep, and use those last reserves of energy, but it just was not working. I still had a good workout, but it felt like a very frustrating run. Possibly the worse run since my first. I can only assume that I am a little burnt out.

Tonight I went to my kick-boxing and kung-fu classes. The kick-boxing was OK, probably I was saved by the fact I was training mostly with a beginner, so the training was easy. However, the kung-fu class afterwards was hell. My arms felt like lead. I have no idea what could have tired my arms so much (apart from the boxing earlier..) as really I was expecting my legs to be the weakest link. Maybe I spent a lot of time carrying my son over the weekend, but I cannot believe that that could be the reason for my lack of energy. The kung-fu class involved the usual mix of fighting techniques (all arm striking etc.) and forms (all hand techniques). So my arms were dead after. They didn’t hurt or ache, they just felt dead. It was enough effort just to raise them up, let alone block and strike.

Maybe I need some rest. I will have tomorrow night off, then do my martial arts on Wednesday, and run again on Thursday. I must be a bit burnt out. Too much too soon?

Running in the Sun

Submitted by Jon on Sat, 25/08/2007 – 10:19pm

I failed to log my training properly this week, but I was out there exercising. On Wednesday I attended my kick-boxing and kung-fu classes, and I am pleased to say that I got on much better. Having a rest day really helped. Kick-boxing was quite intensive, with a lot of leg exercises, such as squats, star jumps and lots of crescent kicks, which soon got tiring.

The kung-fu was the same as usual, nothing much to report on. Still learning the two person fighting form and the second stage first form, aka Yee Kup Sarm Bo Jin. We did some basic training exercises too as there was a new person. Always good to go over the basic footwork every now and then.

On Thursday night I went for a quick run, I ran for 17:21 minutes. Pretty tiring. I had another rest day on Friday, and today I went for a run in the afternoon. This was my first day time run since starting, and it was really hot and sunny today. I was both hard work and pleasant running in the sun. Nice to see the village in a different light. Running along the overgrown paths was hard work, not only dodging the stingers and thistles, but the heat felt quite intense. The vegetation seemed to accumulate all the heat and then fire it back at me while I ran past. I was forced to walk the last part of the circuit. And I forgot to check the time when I left, so I have no idea how long I ran for. It was the longer of the circuits that I do, so I probably ran for about 25 minutes and walked for 10 minutes. Once again my calf muscles tightened up first, and I was forced to slow down to a walk on a few occasions to le them recover, before continuing the run.

Even though my running is coming along slightly slower than I had hoped (been running for two weeks now) I am pleased with the progress that I am making.

Still plodding on

Submitted by Jon on Tue, 28/08/2007 – 8:44pm

I had another couple of days off on Sunday and Monday, and headed of for a run this morning. I am trying to make the most of a week off work. The run was pretty hard again, and I forget to set the time yet again. I did the second longest route that I run, which is about 2 miles. As usual my calf muscles got tight quick, but I managed to keep on moving. I did not have the problems with the heat that I had on Saturday which was good. However, by legs have really been aching all day today. My left leg especially, my left ankle and knee are under a lot of strain and seem to aching much more than usual. Hopefully they will strengthen soon, as it still seems to be getting harder, rather than easier, to complete my daily run.


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