Nutrition Diary 09/12/2007

Submitted by Jon on Sun, 09/12/2007 – 12:13am

As I now realise that I need to take my diet more seriously, I have calculated my nutrition for today. I used to determine how much protein was in the food I have eaten. The following table shows the results:

Calories Eaten Today:

Fat: 72 /647 /38%
Sat: 19 /168 /10%
Poly: 19 /173 /10%
Mono: 27 /246 /14%

Carbs: 160 /566 /33%
Fiber:18 /0 /0%

Protein:125 /499 /29%

Total: 1771 calories

Today I have discovered that tuna really is full of protein. I had two tines of tuna, 260g in total, and that alone was responsible for 65g of protein today. If I am to take my bodybuilding seriously, I need to start eating tuna everyday!

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