College Football Training Camp Workout Tips

FootballNFL players do not go to training camps to get in shape. They are expected to come to the camp already in shape, and the ordeal is quite grueling, what with all the intense drills and midsummer practices. Understanding the difficulties players endure in training camp gives one a new perspective of the NFL lines.

It is during the long and painful days of the training camp that NFL teams begin their preparations for victory, and the hard work often pays off. If you are looking to acquire the same physical fitness boasted by the average NFL player, and you think that NFL training camp workout regiments are the key to your success, the following tips might help you achieve your goals:

1. Basics

You don’t need fancy equipment and trendy training techniques to achieve the physique of an NFL player. The reason so many former University of Miami players reach out to Andreu Swasey when training during the NFL off-season is because he understands the importance of emphasizing the basics.

Swasey understands that you don’t need fancy new routines to get in shape. Ladder drills, Romanian Deadlifts, even the bench press; these basics can do wonders for your body.

2. The Core

According to DeMarcus Ware (one of the fastest players out there), if you want to increase your speed and agility, then you must emphasize core exercises; for Ware, the strength of his core is crucial to his explosive movements when he wants to beat the block and get to the quarterback.

In other words, you need to take your crunches and make them even more intense. Cable-resisted physio ball crunches, in particular, will get you into great shape, though, the work is pretty hard.

3. Sand

You need access to a beach or a sand pit if you want to mimic the difficulties of a training camp workout regimen. Sand helps with resistance training, boosting your ability to change direction at a moment’s notice.

Sand by its nature tends to absorb the force you exert with your feet. In other words, your muscles have little choice but to work harder to achieve the results you might see when working out on a firm surface.

Find a few basic drills that you can perform barefoot in the sand, and the results just might surprise you.

4. Squats

Every football workout includes squats of one variation or the other. Many coaches have a preference for the kettlebell Bulgarian squat. Squats will build muscles in your legs and back even while alleviating the stress from your knees. You shouldn’t do squats, especially the intense variety if you have bad knees.

5. Will

Your mind will dictate the results you can expect to achieve during your training. Your body has limits that you can only surpass if you have the mental will to persevere despite the pain. The right mentality can make all the difference in your efforts to achieve the athletic physique you desire.

If none of these tips sound that different from the average training routine, it is because NFL players do not do anything drastically different in training camp. The basics are more than enough to mold your body into the form your desire, so long as you have the will to persevere.

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