New Year, New You! But Are Your Resolutions Working?

2021 on running track2020 has been a rough year—quarantine, lockdowns, gloom, and doom. Thankfully 2021 looks bright and promising. Which makes a breath of fresh air and a new start an appealing prospect.

Having crossed over safely, how about coming up with a unique resolution that will see you through 2021 on an upbeat track?

By unique, it means taking a break from the usual monotonous resolutions we make every year, most of which we never implement anyway. 2020 left us with valuable lessons that have changed most of our perceptions about life.

So, in 2021 aim to transition from the regular list of diet, exercise, self-help groups, or anything that’s not so new. This is the year of rebirth, so go for something different.

We have compiled a few suggestions in this piece, which you might find quite insightful. But first,

Evaluate Your Resolutions

Evaluating your resolutions is crucial in determining what you want to spend your time and resources on in the new year.

A simple approach is to ask yourself what type of feeling do you want to experience in 2021? Fulfilment? Contentment? What type of energy do you want to exclude? Will that resolution make it possible? Do you enjoy your freedom? Will this resolution affect that freedom? Can this resolution inspire someone, and could you recommend it to them?

With this resolution, how do you see yourself in the next few years? Having done this thorough evaluation, it’s time to explore a few ideas that can impact your life this year.


Okay, so we mentioned exercising as one of the typical new year resolutions. That does not mean it should be tossed aside just like that. Exercise is quite vital for both your overall health and well being.

We are now at that time of the year when exercising equipment is in high demand as we attempt to prove we are serious about these resolutions.

By February, all those home workout equipment gather dust inside our homes once the excitement dies and we realize they are not fun anymore.

This year, focus only on the type of exercise that will benefit you and one you will enjoy.

Sober Up

Now here’s the real challenge. Substance abuse, including alcohol, is a serious issue that needs delicate and professional input to overcome. This year, as much as it depends on you, resolve to be drug-free.

Evaluate relationships with substances and work on lasting change. For instance, avoid events that come with drinks and cocktails as this is a potential trigger. Achieving a Dry January by staying clear of any substance other than that prescribed by your doctor is possible through commitment and willpower. If you are overwhelmed, seek help.

However, the trend of “dry January” has been criticised by health experts, as it tends to end in a massive boozy session and people return to their old ways of binge drinking. A better resolution to make is to drink more responsibly and in moderation. Some people believe that one small drink a day is actually healthy, but bingeing at the weekend is certainly not.

Don’t Get Into Money Trouble

Money problems is one of the biggest causes of stress and relationship failure, and during these difficult times with so many people out of work, and jobs in danger, it is not a good time to make financial mistakes that will lead you into financial trouble. However, let’s face it, sports betting is something many people now enjoy as part of their hobbies and pastimes. For some, it’s a form of relaxation, or a way to make sports more interesting and be more engaged with the sporting world, while for others, it’s a hopeful source of income.

Whatever your reasons, and you have been unable to quit, why don’t you just play responsibly this year? Set clear affordable budgets for each week, and never bet beyond your means. Also, if you have a win, do something to enjoy the win and remember it, such as a fancy meal or some new clothes. One strategy that might benefit you is to work with minimum risk non-UK gambling sites. From bonuses to promotions to a variety of gambling options and games, these offer a myriad of benefits. Unlimited entertainment and bonuses could best change your gambling experience this year.

Final Thoughts

There is so much you can remove to do this year. Now whatever you do, ensure it is something that brings the best out of you. Remember, your health is the most important thing in your life – it is your life! Stay physically, mentally and socially healthy this year.

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