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47 minute run

Submitted by Jon on Sun, 07/10/2007 – 10:36pm

On Friday night I decided to go for a run, after having had a stressful day in the office. I decided to take it slow, as I am now officially in training for the 2008 Great Baddow 10 mile charity run. I decided to take my longest route, which usually takes about 30-35 minutes. The cooler weather certainly seems to be more to my liking, as I felt comfortable running with my old sweatshirt and tracksuit bottoms on. As I was approaching the last stretch of road before my house, I decided to go a little further, and I carried on for another half lap of the village. No idea how far I ran, but it was certainly the longest run I have ever done time wise, and probably distance too. It felt good. I worked up a huge sweat, even though it was a chilly evening. I ma feeling more confident about the challenge that jsparrow has set us. If I can do a few runs like this each week I should be ready for a 10 mile race next May. The date has been set – it is Sunday 18th May 2008.

First out the blocks

Submitted by jsparrow (not verified) on Mon, 08/10/2007 – 9:03am.

An excellent start, if I may say so. You’ve beaten me, my training has yet to begin. I was too busy being a parent and watching rugby at the weekend. Excuses, excuses.

What route did you run? I’m interested to see where you went, and maybe I can help put a distance to your run.

Sitness Sneak

A quick run instead of kick-boxing and kung-fu

Submitted by Jon on Wed, 10/10/2007 – 11:40pm

I had another stressful day at work, and as a result I did not feel up to my Wednesday kick-boxing and kung-fu class. But I did get out for a quick run before Heroes started. I ran my short route, and tonight it took me about 14 minutes. I did not time it accurately though. Felt good, I headed out at a fast pace (fast for me), was forced to slow a little half way around, but picked it up again. Felt like a proper run again. Feet still ache now (3 hours later) and I was really panting hard.

When I started running my legs would always fail me before I really got out of breath, but now I can work my cardio system much harder, as I can continue to run even when my heart is pounding and I am gasping for breath. I really should buy a heart rate monitor so I can see how I am progressing in this respect.

I am still going for fitness and strength, rather than weight loss, so I am not dieting at the moment, but I am getting fitter. I live by the philosophy that weight loss / fat loss will follow fitness. At least that was the excuse I used while eating chocolate cake and cream, and drink beer, during Heroes this evening.

The running man

Submitted by jsparrow (not verified) on Fri, 12/10/2007 – 2:11pm.

I can’t lay any blame on you for only going on a short run, Heroes is too good to miss.

Armchair Fanatic

32:04 minute run – but still too slow?

Submitted by Jon on Sat, 13/10/2007 – 8:02pm

It’s Saturday night, and I finally managed to get out for another run. I was going to run on Friday night, but felt too tired. I was then supposed to go running this morning, but by the time I had reinstalled Oblivion (jsparrow’s fault) and messed around for a bit, it was too late. But I did get out this evening, just before it got too dark to run around Church Street.

I headed off slowly, with the plan to run a longer distance, but very soon I was feeling very lethargic, and my calves and glutes felt very tired. So in the end I did what I call my “long route”, but what seems to actually be rather short. According to my car, the route is just over 2 miles. It took me 32 minutes, which means I am still running about 15 minute miles. I really am hoping that this distance in wrong, and that I am running faster than that, but I fear that the car may not be lying.

So I really need to pick up the pace, run faster, and run 3 miles too. If i am going to manage to finish the Great Baddow 10 mile Charity run next year, I need to really start improving soon. It has been almost 2 months since my first run, and progress is very slow.

OK, Update. I have just checked the distance again, and this route is actually about 2.36 miles, so running it in 32 minutes (which is 3 minutes faster than I ran it on the 14th August).

I must continue to run this route, but aim to complete it in 20 minutes. How I am going to achieve this is beyond me right now, but it must be possible.

Short run, 13:38 minutes

Submitted by Jon on Wed, 17/10/2007 – 11:05pm

Like last Wednesday, I skipped my kick-boxing class to go for a quick run. Did the same route as last week, and managed it in 13:38 minutes, which is my fastest so far. I think that could have done it quick too, if my sister-in-law did not make me an egg sandwich an hour before I ran. I felt a bit bloated and did not really feel like running, but I forced myself out there again.

My current aim is to do this run in 12:43 minutes, as this will be 10 minutes faster than the first time I ran it. On August 17th it took me 22:43 to run this route. Glad that I am getting faster. Just need to maintain this pace over a 3 mile route. I have found a good 3 mile route from my house, but it is a day light only route, so will have to wait until the weekend.

Still need to lose some weight, and my left knee is still clicking when climbing stairs. Same old story.

Equalled my best time!

Submitted by Jon on Sat, 20/10/2007 – 8:00pm

Just went for another quick run, as I wanted to get back in time for the 2007 Rugby World Cup Final, and ran it in 13:38 minutes. I thought at the time that it must have been my quickest run so far, but it has only equalled it. Next time I run I need to make a note of the hundredths of a second too! Tonight’s time was 13:38.89 minutes.

I slowed near the end, legs and lungs started to fail. Must push myself harder next time! Right, time to watch England thrash South Africa…….


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