More kick-boxing, but sore hip and no running

Submitted by Jon on Sat, 08/12/2007 – 4:10pm

This week I managed to go kick-boxing twice, on Monday and Wednesday, as well as kung-fu. So I did two martial arts sessions, one 90 minutes, and the other closer to 105 minutes. However, on Thursday afternoon, I got up from my desk, and felt a sudden pain shoot up to my hip. Sort of from the hip to the knee. It was painful to walk on all Thursday night, so obviously I did not go running. And on Friday it was still sore, so another night off. It is feeling better today, but I think that I should rest it for another day to be sure – besides, the weather is awful. I have decided to take this opportunity to do another upper body workout.

This week I have been reading a few forums, and have come to the conclusion that my main problem at the moment is my diet. I am reasonably active, with kick-boxing, kung-fu, running and weight training, but I am not losing weight. Stuck on 95 kilos, which is 15 stone. I need to eat less, and eat better. Today I had porridge for breakfast, and not eaten lunch yet. I want to do some weight training later, so I need to eat again soon to fuel myself. I plan to do an intensive upper body workout, with a good warm up. That is another thing that has become apparent this week – at 33 years old, I need to warm up really well before my weight training work sets. This will make the training sessions longer, so I will need to set aside more time. OK, time to prepare myself.

I have also been reading up on nutrition for getting stronger, and general concensus seems to be that i am not eating anywhere near enough protein. Some people suggest that bodybuilders and athletes should eat about 2-3g protein for every kilogram of bodyweight – which in my case is over 300g per day of protein. Currently I am eating about 50g, so I need to start stuffing myself full of eggs, chicken, dairy, steaks etc.

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