Monday Morning

Submitted by Jsparrow on Mon, 20/08/2007 – 10:58am

Left the house a couple of mins late this morning, so had to put on a brisk walk to the station. No easy thing when you’ve got a hill to walk up before the legs are given a chance to wake up.

I was surprised though. I had a spring in my step which is normally reserved for the walk home on a Friday. Someone must have replaced the rubber treads on my trainers, that’s all I can say. I made the walk in just under 25 minutes, quicker than normal, without breaking sweat or getting out of breath.

I must be getting fitter.


This is a good start.

Submitted by Jon on Mon, 20/08/2007 – 12:43pm.

This is a good start. However, only today results of research by the American College of Sports Medicine suggests that we all need to do some intensive exercise each week. Here is the story:

So increase your work rate. Pack some trainers and shorts and run home instead of walking.

Ah, but can we really

Submitted by jsparrow (not verified) on Tue, 21/08/2007 – 4:56pm.

Ah, but can we really believe research of this type? What we have is a bunch of students in their final year, trying to come up with a thesis. They think, “Hey, what we’ll do is take 100 of our student friends, give them some free beer in return for them filling out a form”. On the form it says “Study to see if intensive exercise helps fitness”, and all the students say yes it does.

There’s a story like this in the Daily Mail every day. Tomorrow a bunch of students will say the opposite.

You have not changed since

Submitted by Jon on Tue, 21/08/2007 – 10:08pm.

You have not changed since we were at school together. You will use any excuse to try to avoid doing some exercise. Oh hang on, that was me wasn’t it?

Excuses, excuses

Submitted by jsparrow (not verified) on Wed, 22/08/2007 – 9:31am.

Up until the age of 18, I used to exercise for at least an hour every day, sometimes more. Say I did that for ten years, and say the recommended daily exercise is 15 minutes. That means I have over 30 years of exercise “in the bank”. I’ve used up a 15 years of that already, so in another 15 years time I’ll have to start exercising again.

In all reality, I’ll have to start exercising again in about 5 years time, when I play football down the park with the boys.

Wednesday morning

Left home a minute early today, so no need to exert myself as much as the previous two days (I left three minutes late on Tuesday so had a real work out). I arrived at the station in good time, the walk took under 25 minutes, yet I took it easy.

How is this possible? Am I turning into a superfit individual?

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