Google’s Matt Cutts Runs Marathons With Help From Usa Fit

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Matt Cutts recently spoke with Leo Laporte on Twit Live (, episode 248 on Wednesday 7 May 2014) about running the Boston Marathon. Matt Cutts is famous in the Internet world, being a spokesperson for the Google Search Engine. He also has a very popular blog ( that covers tech and Internet news. Matt also did a TED Talk on his 30 day challenges; he sets himself a 30 day challenge every month or so to do something different. Personal development is important to him.

He actually stopped his 30 day challenges in 2011 to focus on a new six month challenge: training to run a marathon. He ran the San Francisco marathon in July 2011. His top tip for runners is to “ramp up slowly to a marathon”. He is now a seasoned long distance runner.

While chatting to Leo he said “anyone can run a marathon, it just takes six to nine months training.” Leo asked Matt how he trained to get fit to run a marathon and he explained that he got help from USA Fit. USA Fit has been running since 1989 and has been helping people with marathon training ever since. They provide full running training programs to help total beginners become long distance runners. Matt had never run more than eight miles before he started the training. They have 50 programs across the U.S. and now offer walking programs, their Classic Marathon and Half Marathon Training Program, 5K and 10K Training Programs, Triathlon Training Program plus some more specialized programs.

Matt spoke fondly of his experience and said that the cheers from the crowds made him emotional; he “almost cried several times” because of the amazing support along the whole route.

He ran to raise money for the Charity Dana-Farber Cancer Institute (his fundraising page) and had a T-shirt made that said “Go Matt Go”. This turned out to be a double-edged sword because although the spectators kept giving him encouragement, near the end “Frat boys” would shout at him to run faster and he wanted to just keep going steady.

Matt told Leo that “it is fine to go slow”. He jogs at his own steady pace and completed the marathon in 5:11:33, which is a good speed for a 42 year old who has never run a marathon before. This is not really a slow time, but a pretty good, average time.

While running he listens to Pocket Casts on an Android device to play podcasts while he runs. He joked that he loves to listen to TwitLive when he runs so that he can catch up on the latest tech news and gossip – listening to Leo helps him to ignore the pain in his legs!

He describes himself has very slow and came in the bottom ten percent. This is still an awesome achievement. Well done Matt!

Boston Athletic Association - Matt Cutts

Matt Cutts results for the 2014 Boston Marathon

Boston results from

Running is a great way to stay fit and healthy. See our article on the health benefits of running (and jogging) to learn more.

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