London Marathon Day + Weight Training for me

Submitted by Jon on Sun, 13/04/2008 – 5:48pm

Today is the 2008 London Marathon. I watched some of the footage on the tele, and as usual I felt very humbles by the amazing fitness and the effort that people put into running a marathon.

Amongst this years runners were six Maasai warriors (picture below), and a 101-year-old man. The Masai warriors are reported to have commented on how cold it was. Other than that, they seemed at ease with the marathon itself. According to BBC News, the leader of the group anticipated his group, who aim to raise money for clean water for their home village in Tanzania, would cross the finish line after four hours, slowed down by their plans to sing and dance along the route.

Last year I started running, but I stopped around Christmas time, and as yet have not got back out there pounding the streets. I think for now martial arts and weight training is enough for me. Maybe I will start running again when the weather is better. That could be any day now.

Still on my Atkins diet. Breakfast was eggs, bacon and sausage. Lunch was a slight break again, lots of spinach, rocket and water cress (all good) but with a Chicken balti from Tesco. This was not actually too bad, according to the box it had abut 20g of carbs, so my whole daily allowance in one meal. The Chicken was good, and it had some vegetables in there too, some allowed on Atkins, and some not.

This afternoon I did a quick impromptu weight training session. I had to put some things in the loft, so needed the ladder from the garage. When I took the ladder back, I decided it was a good enough time as any to do some weight training. Did the usual routine:

  • Clean and presses
  • Bench presses
  • Bent over rows
  • curls

Today I did a few attempts at chin ups. I had to jump a little to get up to the bar, but then lowered myself as slow as possible. I did this a few times in between bench press sets.

I also did dumbbell hammer curls, followed tricep kick-backs, and ended with some normal standing dumbbell curls.

Good quick workout. Hands and shoulders feel well worked out today. Hands must be tired from the chin ups. Still have a lot of weight for my hands to carry!

Feeling a little hungry now. Almost ready for a protein supper.

More pics from the Marathon can be found on the BBC News Website – London Marathon.


Marathon rocks!

Submitted by huang (not verified) on Thu, 18/12/2008 – 10:18pm.

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Weight lifting for beginners!

Submitted by barbens78 (not verified) on Thu, 26/02/2009 – 6:29am.

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