Kick-boxing wrist injury

Submitted by Jon on Wed, 12/09/2007 – 10:06am

Woke up today with a very painful wrist. Last night I went to the Tuesday kick-boxing class because I was aching too much from Monday’s kung-fu to do my push weight training session. All was well, until we did some pad work. Big Tony was turning kicking the pad that I was holding, and I felt that a couple of kicks were really hard. The rest of the class was fine, and I noticed nothing while driving on the way home, but this morning my wrist was very painful. I have bought a wrist strap from Boots, and hope that it will heal up in a few days. Not sure how tight should a wrist strap be though. Got a guy to measure my wrist, and it was 7 1/4 inches (I was in a hurry, so had no time to explain the merits of the metric system) and he said “medium” and I put it on a moment ago, and it is very tight. And the medium range is 6 1/4 inches to 7 1/2 inches. So my wrist is the top end of medium. Is it too tight? How does one know? It feels tight, but I still have movement and feeling in my fingers, so I guess it is OK. If it were not tight, then there would little point in wearing one I guess.

I must admit, I do feel that I am getting so old. No wonder people give up sport after school, only school aged kids have the capacity to recover from injury quick enough to get back into training. Since I started martial arts a few years ago, I have injured my right shoulder, right knee, chipped my right fibula, damaged my left wrist twice, damaged fingers (while doing Krabi Krabong).

All in all, I feel like I am having a hard time. And I paused my running plan because my left knee is playing up. It clicks whenever I walk up stairs, and sometimes feels a little tight. It seems that everytime I make an extra effort to get fit, something happens to make my goals harder to attain.

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