Kick-boxing and Kung-fu Session and Credit Crunch Kills My Kung-Fu!

Submitted by Jon on Wed, 27/08/2008 – 11:40pm

Tonight I had a good 1 1/2 hour martial arts session, and it felt good. The running home has improved my fitness slightly, I had more energy in class – well, at least for the first 45 minutes – and generally felt good. Still knackered by the end, but that is to be expected.

I walked home from the station yesterday – I thought that it was Monday (a kung-fu night) so did not pack my running clothes. Only on the way into work I realised that it was in fact Tuesday! But I still walked home, saving £1.30 bus fare, and getting a little fitter – so the credit crunch fitness plan is still on track!

Must pack my tracky bottoms and a t-shirt for tomorrow night after work! Need to improve on my time of 30 minutes. Last Friday I had a good run home, took exactly (ish) 30 minutes. I kept up a good pace (for me!) and did not die on the front door step.

Currently weigh about 87kg (that was end of last week I think). Need to weigh myself again. Ankle been playing up a little recently – looks like my kick-boxing injury is going to haunt me forever! Still taking glucosamine chondroitin when I remember, plus cod liver, multivitamins and garlic. In fact, I’ll go and take my supplement stack now! Good night.

Credit Crunch has prompted me to take a break from kung-fu

Submitted by Jon on Thu, 04/09/2008 – 7:29am

After studying Chow Gar since 2003 (I think) I have decided to take a 4 month break from the martial arts school. Various reasons led me to this decision, but basically a combination of work worries (many redundancies already, and more to come), the fact that I had been struggling to fin the time to balance fatherhood, work, web design and kung-fu, and also my old ankle injury seems to be playing up again.

I hoe to focus on running and weight training for fitness for the next 4 months. The last time I went to the club, last week, I felt that my fitness levels had improved as a result of the running. So, a home fitness plan is in order.

I guess that at the back of my mind, is the question – in the new year, will I want to return? Only time will tell. I feel that my kung-fu learning had stagnated as a result of my less frequent classes, all my fault really.

Oh, gotta go to work, bye.

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