Is Your Adult Acne Flaring Up Thanks to Your Workout? Tips to Manage It

man working out outsideMaking the choice to be physically active and take charge of your personal health is one that you will be thankful for, not just in the moment, but in the future. Staying active on a regular basis benefits your body both physically and mentally, and should be encouraged at all ages. But what happens if all these intense workouts you’ve been doing lately are causing your adult acne to flare up? Should you just cover it up and hope it isn’t noticeable, or are there steps you can take to help get it under control?

Here we’ll take a look at some basic steps you can take that will help to manage your adult acne.

Make Sure You Start with Clean Skin

Before you even start your workout, it’s a good habit to start with clean skin. This means removing all makeup that you may be wearing. Regardless of the fact that you are going to work out in the morning or evening, you should make sure to wash your face as you want no debris or excess oil in your pores before you break a sweat. Using gentle cleansers and face washes that are hydrating such as moisturizing aloe vera face washes and nourishing goat milk soaps can help prevent a buildup of sweat, oil, dirt, and makeup. You can also apply a lightweight moisturizer on your clean skin.

Wear Clean Workout Clothes Each Time You Exercise

Sure, it can be frustrating to wash your workout clothes each and every time you wear them, but the fact is that the sweat left behind can cause bacteria to grow, plus there are dead skin cells and oils on the clothes. For those with acne-prone skin, this can spell disaster.

Also, you want to be sure you’re washing your workout wear with a gentle scent-free laundry soap so as not to irritate your skin.

Bring a Clean Towel to Your Workout

It’s a good idea to always have a clean towel on hand during your workout so you can pat away sweat as it builds. Be sure not to wipe the sweat though, as this simple move can cause an acne flare up. Just gentle patting motions are all you need.

Shower Immediately After a Workout

A shower should always follow a workout to get all that sweat and excess oil off your body. Again, reach for a mild soap that is free of chemicals, dyes, and perfumes.

Look Into the Benefits of CBD-Infused Beauty Products

It’s also important to address the issue by taking a close look at the skincare products you currently use. When dealing with adult acne, whether on the face, back, or chest, you want to be sure you’re using products that specifically address that concern. You don’t want anything too harsh, filled with artificial scents and color, and it shouldn’t be too drying. 

This leads us to one of the hottest trends in the skincare and beauty industry right now – CBD-infused beauty products. Because CBD acts as a natural anti-inflammatory and a topical pain reliever, it can actually offer multiple benefits to those with acne. There is also some research that suggests it can help limit excess oil buildup, which can go on to cause acne. Today you can find all kinds of various beauty and skincare products with CBD in it and as Bloom&Oil points out, it’s even showing up in makeup.

By following these simple tips, you’ll be able to enjoy much clearer skin even during intense workouts.

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