Interval Training on the Football Pitch – 86kg

Submitted by Jon on Tue, 22/07/2008 – 10:34pm

I have managed to gain just under 0.5kg in the last week or so. Got a bit lazy again, and even had some chocolate cake with my coffee last week.

I am making a renewed effort to go along to kung-fu twice a week, tricky some nights as my son is often late to bed on the days he goes to nursery, and those are the days I go kung-fu in the evening.

I am on holiday for a couple of weeks, so in between playing dad and doing DIY, and am making an attempt to increase my fitness activities. Today I jogged over to my local park (which is just a stones throw away) and did some simple football pitch interval training. The training was a simple circuit of the pitch. I warmed up with one large lap, going around the edge of the park, and then sprinted the length of the pitch, then jogged around it, back to the starting corner, then sprinted again.

I think that I did 5 sprints in total. No idea how long I exercised for, or how many sprints I did (could have been 4). I really need to buy a heart rate monitor / pulse reader and timer, so I get an idea of how much I have done.

It felt good to sprint, the second and third sprints were the fastest, and it made a pleasant change to the plodding around the village I was doing last year. Hopefully I can keep this up. The session is quicker than a plod/jog, and it may even help to improve my fitness quicker, if the interval training research is correct.

Football Circuit Training Runs – 7 Sprints – Rabbit Chasing – Weight Gain Unacceptable!

Submitted by Jon on Tue, 29/07/2008 – 10:02pm

Tonight I did my third sprint circuit on the football pitch on my local park. I failed to time the first, but the second, which was last Tuesday I think, I managed 5 sprints in 12:30. Tonight I did 7 sprints in 17:25. I jogged at an easier pace tonight as my hip was hurting a little from kung-fu last week. New guy in the class tried to crush my hip in a conditioning exercise, then wondered why I was pulling my hip strikes afterwards….

I started the session by chasing the rabbits off the field, and when I was sure that I had the whole field to myself, and all the rabbits were down their holes / in the bushes hiding, I started my sprints. I did my 7 sprints, which all felt good. I may have been able to push out a couple more, but I did not want to overdo it. Also on sprint 6, when I was really going for it, I felt my right ankle strain a little when I slowed down. I still fear aggravating my past ankle injury – must remember to take some more Glucosamine and Chondroitin pills tonight. The last few were the fastest. After the sprints I cooled down with some lunges and stretches, then jogged gently home. The whole workout from door to door was about 17:30 minutes, so not a bad quick session.

Bad news though. I have been off work for the last week, and have managed to put on a little more weight. This morning I weighed in at 87kg. I have been eating a lot more bread than usual, so I really think that thus is the problem. Now need to make an extra effort to cut out bread.


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