Increasing Libido: Everything You Need to Know

couple laying in the strawThere comes a time in a couple’s life when they notice that their sex life isn’t what it used to be; they can lack the drive, the desire, and the passion for a steamy night in the bedroom. Facing low libido is a natural thing that can happen to anyone, but there is always a way around it. Read on below for tips on how to increase your libido.

Develop a Fit Lifestyle

Research has claimed that obesity and being overweight is one of the leading factors in having a low sex drive and reduced fertility, not to mention an overall sense of insecurity. Maintaining healthier weight can increase your desires and confidence physically and psychologically. Scheduling regular exercise within your daily routine will do wonders for your sex life. Whether you go on a simple walk, run or jog, or you opt for strength training, exercise raises your hormone levels needed to raise libido. Even if some women practice Kegel exercises, they will relax their pelvic muscles while tightening it at the same time.

Communicate with your Partner

One thing’s for sure, is that a low sex drive is a natural thing, especially if you’re an aging couple. Discussing sex can seem rather a difficult topic for a lot of couples; however, healthy communication is the leading factor in any successful relationship. Open up to your partner about your desires or lack thereof, and make an action plan on how to tackle it. Spending time together, talking, and being close can actually increase intimacy and so, it will increase your sex drive as well. It’s the perfect time to share your thoughts on how to improve your time in the bedroom.

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Cope with Stress

Stress is another leading factor that can decrease your libido, with life’s daily tasks and needs, it’s hard to focus on anything else. Anxiety and stress can prevent you from enjoying sex or even desiring it. Participate in yoga classes to reach peace of mind or learn how to meditate to truly calm yourself. When you practice the art of mind-body connection through yoga or meditation, it will help you stay focused on what matters, and battle any insecure thought you have, even in the bedroom.

Watch What You Eat

Developing a nutritious diet can go a long way for your sex life; it can adjust your moods, enhance blood flow, and improve your heart health. Follow a diet that is rich in vegetables and fruit, and one that is low in sugar and high in lean protein; it has shown desirable results for your sex drive. Eating certain types of food can also raise your libido; fruits like avocado, figs, and bananas have been shown to enhance your drive because they contain a high amount of vitamins. Meanwhile, chocolate is known to release serotonin in your body, thus lifting your mood.

Take Supplements

A man’s low libido is mainly caused by a decline in his testosterone levels, which can be enhanced by taking testosterone supplements. According to online Testogen reviews, testosterone boosters have the ability to raise your testosterone levels and so, will result in enhancing your sex life, building muscle mass, promoting weight loss, and giving you energy overall. These boosters contain vitamins like B, D, as well as selenium, and a natural herb known to promote male sex hormones, Tribulus Terrestris. Women, on the other hand, may suffer from low estrogen levels which decreases their sex drive as well. Consult your doctor if you’re a viable candidate to take estrogen inducing pills or hormonal therapy.

Cut off vices

Needless to say, maintaining unhealthy habits like smoking or drinking can deeply affect your sex drive. Cigarettes can cause low energy and decrease your libido, while alcohol affects your desires and can affect your performance. Cut back on some of these habits and eventually you’ll notice a major improvement in your sex life.

Get a good night’s sleep

You need to also develop better sleeping patterns if you want to have the best libido you are capable of enjoying. When your sleep is disrupted, it affects your sex hormones in the brain. Research has shown that getting a good night’s sleep can drastically improve your desires and your ability to act upon them with the amount of energy and enthusiasm you need.

Spice it Up!

Identify the reasons why your libido has decreased and make goals to tackle them; adopt a few lifestyle changes and eventually, you’ll start seeing desirable results. It’s important that you do not blame yourself for low-libido and aim at enhancing your sex drive with natural ways with your partner; it will bring you closer than ever!

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