How To Use Meditation To Improve Your Fitness

Photo of strong young fitness woman outdoors in the beach make yoga meditate exercises.For people who haven’t tried meditation their whole life, they believe that meditation is merely about sitting quietly while closing their eyes and doing nothing. Maybe that sounds very easy for you, not until you actually try it yourself and find out how difficult it is to clear your mind for meditation.

After a few sessions, you’d be more capable of doing meditation practices and integrate them into your daily exercises. If physical activities are for the fitness of your body, meditation is fitness for the mind. What happens if physical workouts will be paired with mental exercises?  Could you get more out of each type?  The answer is yes.

Meditation is beneficial and can be added to your exercise routine to improve your fitness and overall wellbeing. Some meditation enthusiasts even travel all the way to places like Indonesia, Mongolia, or the Amazon to book a meditation session with a Shaman and sharpen their way of meditating. For those who don’t know what does Shaman mean, it refers to a tribal spiritual practitioner who has access to higher levels of awareness and consciousness to interact with the spirit world. A Shaman can help you get to the deeper parts of your concentration, more than you can imagine.

For your better understanding, here are a few ways you can use meditation to improve your fitness.

Prepare your body and mind for exercise

Meditation’s primary function is to shift your energy and attention into one concentration. Once your overall state is focused, you are more likely to get the most out of your workout. You won’t become easily distracted or bored during your exercise.

Meditation allows you to stay on track with your exercises and motivates you to be effective in every workout. The scientific explanation for this is that when you meditate before you exercise, your body becomes relaxed, causing your blood pressure to lower, while improving your breathing, heart rate, and brain waves. These, in turn, make your body more equipped to handle each workout with ease.

Create a totally balanced diet and lifestyle

Another function of meditation is it helps you create a totally balanced diet and lifestyle. Your health and lifestyle play a vital role in meditation.

Once meditation is already part of your fitness routine, you also become aware of the food you include in your diet. It can have a great influence on your meditative experience. Suppose you feed your body with nutritious food, and you follow a healthy lifestyle. In that case, your meditative experience will be a success since your body has enough energy it needs to achieve optimal health.

On the other hand, if you are not mindful of your diet and are consistently eating unhealthy food, you will have a tough time getting into the meditative state and staying still for extended periods. Instead, you’ll be out of the concentration zone easily, depriving your mind of the exercise it needs. That’s why your nutrition and meditation must be in proper alignment.

Improve overall health

Since meditation is a body and mind practice, it is set to improve your overall wellbeing. The relaxation of your mind and body lowers your blood pressure, and decreases your chances of suffering from anxiety or depression. That means the more you practice meditation, the more you’ll have a positive outlook and mindset.

Furthermore, meditation also helps you in achieving quality sleep. That is why experts also recommend that you perform meditation before going to bed to help your mind release all the stress you’ve had during the day and prevent you from overthinking, which can only deprive you of sleep. Meditation helps you feel that sense of peace, calmness, and contentment in life. The more quality sleep you get, the more refreshed you’ll feel the next day.

A cool-down for your brain after a workout

Doing meditation after working out is also beneficial. Meditation will serve as a cool-down for your brain during your post-workout regimen. You’ve accomplished all the exercises you needed to finish for that day, without stopping or getting distracted.

Now, you can take your time to calm your body and mind as you acknowledge the work that you have done for the day. This will also serve as your body’s time to be at rest after an intense workout. Fill yourself up with gratitude, knowing that you did well for that day. This, in turn, will help you feel more motivated to tackle more exercises in the days to come.

Lower your risk of having a heart attack or stroke

With the many benefits that medication can contribute to your mental and physical health, it can also lower your risk of suffering from cardiovascular diseases, such as heart attack or stroke. As you include meditation to your routine, you also tend to follow heart-healthy practices, such as eating nutritious meals, exercising daily, and relaxing.

These heart-healthy practices will create a domino effect—your blood pressure will be at a healthy level, your body will be packed with nutrients, and your mind will free from any stress, anxiety, and depression. All the ones mentioned will result in a disease-free heart and happy life.

Can be done in various positions

Most of you may think that meditation can only be done by sitting still. Yes, the sitting position is the best position to meditate, but you’re not restricted to follow that position only. The best thing about meditation is that total relaxation can be achieved even while you’re standing, lying down, or while you’re in the middle of your working hours. Meditation can help you keep your mental sanity, especially if you find yourself being anxious about people’s movements and the world around you. Pause for a short moment, close your eyes, and take deep conscious breaths to reset your mind and rejuvenate.  This way, your emotional and psychological fitness will still be intact despite the hustle and bustle of everything around you.

To be healthy is not only about meeting your physical fitness goals. It is also about finding peace of mind, joy, and a sense of gratitude. It’s never too late for you to start meditating. You can call professional help guide in your quest to achieving total relaxation and better wellbeing.

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