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Beckham-playing-footballToday the Daily Mail ran a story about David Beckham, the popular professional soccer player, with the headline “Cruz control: Fitness mad David Beckham is joined by his youngest son as he pays ANOTHER visit to the gym” (DailyMail.co.uk, 13 April 2014). I despair!

OK, David Beckham has officially retired from professional association football, having played at the professional level for 20 years. However, just because he has retired is that reason to refer to him as “fitness mad”? I mean, he spent his entire career staying in peak physical conditional to play soccer. Does the Daily Mail expect David to quit exercise completely and become a couch potato just because he is no longer playing professionally?

It is the bizarre attitude to fitness and exercise that the tabloid press have that discourages so many people from exercise at all.

Jason Chester, writing in the Daily Mail, describes how “he once again made his daily pilgrimage to the fitness studio”.

Then comes an observation that Cruz Beckham is wearing a hat: “Cruz apparently inheriting his famous father’s love of hats by wearing one of his own – a blue baseball cap”.

I am not sure if a love of hats is inherited. However, I do know that every responsible parent gets their children to wear a hat when it is sunny so reduce risk of skin cancer. Seems a rather odd observation to make.

Beckham also “showed off his latest crop of facial hair”. Not sure he was showing it off; I get the impression that he did not arrange a photo shoot. Men growing hair on their faces is perfectly natural and there are no laws that state we should shave every day!

SoulCycle classes

The only interesting thing about the whole article is that Beckham went to a studio cycling session that has been described as an “indoor cycling re-invented, with inspirational coaching, rockstar music, and a full body workout”. Sounds a lot like a spinning class.

And …. “Two days later Beckham was back”.

Yes, hot off the press! David Beckham exercises more than once a week. And at 38 years old too – sooo old! Amazing.

Just imagine if David Beckham did not go to the gym and gained a few pounds – the tabloids would go mental!

David Beckham has been, and still is, an amazing role model for children and an inspiration for many adults too. He is proof that passion and hard work can bring amazing results in sports and athletics. The sooner the press stop making a fuss whenever and athlete exercises and helps to give some good advice on fitness the sooner we can beat obesity and get people active again.

[/Sunday rant over]

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