Feeling overwhelmed and tired? Try these tips to get you back on track

monk meditating in the woods by a lakeSometimes, life can bring us down ― having a balanced lifestyle doesn’t always align with work or school, so everyone can feel tired and overwhelmed from time to time. It’s not even people’s fault after all, because we’re all bombarded with advertisements and public speakers telling us that we need to be productive at all times, but the truth is that it’s impossible. We need time to rest our minds and bodies to keep going on with our lives.

So, if you recently experienced such a feeling, here are some tips for you to try! Maybe not all of them will work, but as long as you find that activity giving you peace of mind, it’s worth the try. But, if those feelings of tiredness and overwhelming won’t stop, it would be better to consult a doctor because, in some cases, they’re a consequence of iron deficiency, chronic fatigue syndrome, sleep debt or other medical issues.

Unplug from all devices

Nowadays, endless scrolling has become a way for us to relax, even if it’s far away from letting us truly calm. We know it’s soothing to have something to go to whenever you feel bored, tired or just want to escape from your day-to-day problems, but you might fall into the doom scrolling trap. This term describes our endless scrolling, compulsively needing answers to issues we’re afraid to look for ourselves. This behavior can lead to anxiety, depression and sedentary habits that you won’t be aware of in the future.

Therefore, as a form of therapy, unplug all your devices and try to be alone from time to time. Make a new goal to use social media to stay informed and not only for consuming content to keep your mind busy. Prepare and eat breakfast in the morning without any online disturbance and read the news in the afternoon. Choose to go out more with your loved ones than stay inside or invest your time in your lost hobbies (or try new ones) that will make you feel more accomplished.

Consider CBD

CBD is a cannabinoid, found in cannabis, which is not psychoactive. Therefore, its properties will not give you a “high” feeling. Instead, this chemical has plenty of health benefits, as cannabis is mostly used for medical reasons. CBD comes in various forms, like oils, sprays, gummies and lotions, so you can take what suits you most. It’s the best choice when you’ve never tried it and are curious about its benefits because it won’t hurt you and will help with stress and tiredness.

What’s more interesting about this plant is that you can plant it from cannabis seeds. Whether you want a small plant inside or an outside bush, you’d only need to follow the manufacturer’s guidance on planting and feeding, as it’s not a pretentious plant to take care of. The best choice for when you want to start this project is to have feminised cannabis seeds because they grow into female plants with flowering buds, and you’ll save plenty of time for using them.

Why is this cannabis chemical so beneficial? Here are some health benefits of using it:

  • It can reduce the risk of heart disease
  • It can help with skin disorders
  • It boosts general health
  • It helps with sleep disorders
  • It reduces inflammation

Start a journey on mindfulness

Mindfulness is a practice that will help you be present in your life, be aware of your surroundings and control your emotions better. It’s believed that it is a basic human ability, but unfortunately, most of the time, people don’t know how to access it. This kind of meditation is about exploring your sensations, emotions and thoughts, and it can drastically change how you see the world. Here are some basic steps to follow:

  • Find a relaxing place and sit down for a few moments;
  • Notice your body and where do you feel the most pressure, and try to relax every muscle;
  • Let your mind wander and see where your thoughts are going. Don’t try to fight your thoughts or eliminate the unpleasant ones; instead, observe them without reacting.

This is only a simple exercise to try every day to escape from overthinking. As you practice more mindfulness, you’ll become calmer and more patient with people and yourself. This new experience will teach you that you can enjoy the silence, that it’s okay to be bored and not do something about it, and most of all, to appreciate resilience. No matter how often you feel down, you can return to where you left and start again.

Improve your sleep habits

Sometimes, it all comes down to how you’re sleeping at night. Maybe you’ve been taught to sleep a certain way, but now you find yourself tired even after a good number of hours slept. This can be caused by many factors, like stress, poor sleep hygiene or health issues that are not taken care of. You also might find yourself scrolling on social media to suppress the feeling of tiredness, but you’ll fall into an endless cycle that you need to break right now.

Here are some guidelines on having good sleep hygiene:

  • Have the same schedule for going to sleep and waking up, so your body is used to your routine, and it’s not fighting back each day to shut down or wake up;
  • Make your bedroom as dark and quiet as possible, and try not to sleep in high-temperature environments;
  • Remove all electronic devices from your room (use a digital clock for morning alarms). When going to sleep, you can read a book before or meditate to induce sleepiness naturally;
  • Avoid caffeine, alcohol and hard-to-digest meals. Instead, have a cup of tea or milk and try to regulate your meals so that you don’t feel heavy from eating when going to bed.

If you still can’t sleep well, book an appointment with your doctor to see if the problem is within your health. You can use sleep supplements only if recommended, and be cautious because they can become addictive.

Get Outdoors!

Getting outdoors into a green environment is one of the best mental health healers. Whether you run, cycle or just walk, fresh air and exercise is vital for our wellbeing, so make the most of fine weather when you can.

Finally, do what works for you, meaning that you can try plenty of methods to help you unwind and calm down when you’re feeling overwhelmed.

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