Faster Run, but legs still tire before lungs

Submitted by Jon on Thu, 16/08/2007 – 9:44pm

I just went for run number four. This is the final run of my first week (I started last Friday). Tonight I headed off at a slightly faster pace than I had previously run. It felt good to start with, once again I started to feel that I was actually running and not just plodding. The route I took is just over 2 miles and it took me 26:21 minutes, which I know is still rather slow. I realised tonight that my legs tire sooner than my lungs. This evening both my ankles started to ache, and then my achilles tendons. But I forced myself onwards, and after slowing a little halfway around I push on and increased my pace again for the final stretch.

My run is currently online here (I came across this site earlier today, and it seems to be a good resource for running routes, plus a way to map out and distance your own runs): Jon’s Second Baddow Circle.

I am not sure now whether I should concentrate on increasing my pace, or aim to go for longer runs. Last nights run (35 minutes) was not much longer than this evenings. The rain slowed me down, and I set off at a slow pace. It was still a very good workout for me, but both last night and tonight, I never found myself really out of breath, like I do when sparring in kick boxing. I’ll read up and try to figure out what I should do next. Run further, run faster, or attempt to do both. I would like to be able to run five miles with ease, so maybe I should concentrate on longer distance for now?

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