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Another of our bloggers from 2009 was “Emma”. Again, we lost her details in the admin disaster, but have this blog post. We only know her name was Emma because someone left a comment.

Submitted by Guest on Wed, 04/03/2009 – 6:05pm

I have decided lately that i was getting just a bit too big and jiggly around the middle,…and arm… and legs… well, you get the flabby picture…

so I have taken it upon myself to begin eating better and doing more exercise… And I thought that it might be easier to see how I’m doing with my “fitness 2009 quest” if i document everything i do.

I started my “regime” [i use this term lightly] last week with a few jogs around where i live, but i think i need to get a little more disciplined, and i’m aiming to go running at least 3 times a week.

Just a note: I don’t like gyms, not because you have to exercise but why pay for something most people can do free, there is a whole world out there waiting to be ran on, or cycled on.. OK ill stop now before i rant on about something totally off topic :s.

Thus far I have:

Friday 27th Feb; Walked 80 min (to and from uni)
Cycled for 40 min (to and from work) – (i don’t think I’m going to count running around like a headless chicken whilst at work, or traipsing up and down countless stairs while at uni as I’ve been doing that for years — to many years.. )

Sat 28th Feb; cycled for 40 min (to and from work)

Monday 2nd March; Walked 40 min (to uni – i was bad, i got the bus back :()
Jogged for 30 min

Tuesday 3rd March; Walked 80 min (to and from uni)
Jogged for 30 min

Wednesday 3rd March; Walked 80 min (to and from uni)
Jogged for 30 min

I’m hoping to do this every week.. I’m gonna also throw in some sit ups and some weights for good measure… wonder how long I’m going to keep it up tho! as a student, we tend to be good at putting things off, and finding other more “important” suff to do.. like this blog for example! if i could be this good with writing up my thesis I’d have been long done by now!! :)

Toodles… :D


Submitted by Leroy_Leo on Wed, 25/03/2009 – 10:30pm.

Hi Emma
Have you thought about doing some circuit training as well?

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