Easter Sunday Workout – 500 exercises, 100 squats and other bodyweight training

Submitted by Jon on Sun, 12/04/2009 – 12:09pm

Just done some exercise. Totally knackered. First exercise for a while. Off for a shower. Attached camera photo of workout log. This was my first major exercise session for a while. Once again I had let my exercise slip and put on weight.

Today I decided to do a bodyweight 500 challenge, with a few extra exercises meaning that the initial aim was to do 560 exercises in total. I did not manage to stick to the plan. The sqaut thrusts almost killed me, so I stopped those after just two sets. Also the ski lateral jumps were too much with the star jumps, squats and lunges.

What really killed in the end were the push ups, however I fought on with those. For the final set I went all out and did extra, and when I saw that I was still 20 short, did another 20 star jumps to cool down. I thought about doing some bicep curls later, but then never got around to it.


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