Dorian Quinn Shares How to Find the Perfect Diet and Exercise Routine for Your Body Type

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Many people are unclear how they can achieve radiant health, strength and fitness as well as achieve the perfect body shape and weight. Often people are doing the wrong sort of exercise, and following the wrong type of diet, for their body type. Today we take a look at the different body types.

In order to learn more about exercise routines and diets that complement and help different body types, we spoke to Dr. Quinn Lac, PScD. Dr. Dorian Quinn is the Clinic Director of Simple Wellness Clinic based in West Linn, OR. He became very interested in cancer treatments when a family member contracted a rare form of cancer. He now focuses his practice on helping patients with advanced nutrition and lifestyle counseling. He retired from his sports medicine/spinal rehab based chiropractic in 2016 and practices as a licensed acupuncturist. He also has a Pastoral Medicine license.

Nutritional Practices for All Body Types

According to the Harvard School of Public Health, the government’s recommended food pyramid still is a great way to decide upon the types of foods to eat each day. The food pyramid recommends people eat vegetables, fruits, oils that are healthy, whole grains, and healthy protein such as chicken, fish, nuts and beans. Also, the food pyramid recommends some milk or yogurt as well.

According to Dr. Dorian Quinn, The easiest way to follow the food pyramid is to eat whole, not pre-packaged foods.The hardest part of following the food pyramid for most is the fact that the food pyramid recommends everyone eat nine servings of fruits and vegetables each day. There is a way to make this more realistic.

Dorian Quinn believes that one can have a refreshing, raw vegetable juice of a few carrots, a few stalks of celery, some lettuce folded between the celery, a yam and a cucumber. This morning drink is cool and sweet. If it does not taste sweet enough to you, feel free to juice some apple in as well. You can have a salad for lunch and dinner with a variety of fresh vegetables in your salad, an orange and an apple as snacks during the day and a fruit smoothie to pick up your energy level in the late afternoon or early evening.

All of these fruits and vegetables are fresh and tasty and are not at all like forcing yourself to eat something unpleasant. Also, Harvard Health reminds us that part of a nutritionally sound lifestyle is to only consume alcohol in moderation. Actually, the Cleveland Clinic reminds us that alcohol can cause liver damage, make our bodies less able to process nutrients in our system, and is bad for your stomach, heart and pancreas. The reason alcohol makes our bodies unable to process other nutrients is that alcohol is poison, and our bodies try to rid it from our system.

Fitness Practices for All Body Types

There are three main types of exercise. Our bodies need each form of exercise, regardless of our body type.

Aerobic or Cardiovascular Exercise

Cardiovascular exercise gets our hearts pumping. you should do 30 to 60 minutes of at least moderate aerobic exercise five days a week. Not everyone has a fitness level for running and you can also benefit from a brisk walk. Some prefer to swim or ride a bicycle. Some like to dance. The idea is to get your heart pumping at your current level of conditioning.

Benefits of aerobic exercise, according to Dorian Quinn, are that it keeps your height and weight proportional, helps you feel psychologically happier and content, lessens stress and keeps your heart healthy.

Strength Training

Everyone should do some strength training at least twice weekly and that you aim to hit all of the major muscle groups in your training routine. The weight you chose for each exercise will tend to be one you can move in strict form for 12 to 15 repetitions.Strength training is good for bone health and muscle mass. It also helps keep your weight in check.


The nice thing about stretching is that it always feels good. It is best to stretch before and after your aerobic and strength training routines.

What Are the Body Types?

There are three major body types, claims Dr. Dorian Quinn. Most people are likely a combination of two different body types. Knowing your body type can help you overcome the problems that your type can naturally gravitate toward. A caveat is to think about the body type you had as a young adult. According to Dorian Quinn, lack of exercise, tobacco and alcohol can make unwanted changes to body types.


According to Runner’s World, ectomorphs tend to have longer bones, and they tend to be skinny. The reason is that they have a naturally fast metabolism. They have the enviable characteristic of being to eat quite a bit and not put on much of any weight. They don’t tend to build muscle easily.

Nutritional Practices for Ectomorphs

According to, since ectomorphs tend to have trouble gaining muscle mass, they are best advised to add more protein to their diet than those with the other two body types.

Fitness Practices for Ectomorphs

Ectomorphs can also add more muscle mass by leaning more heavily towards strength training, such as three times a week or every other day. They need to lift with weights as heavy as they can while still maintaining very strict form.


Mesomorphs have long torsos, short limbs and can build muscle with ease. Mesomorphs have the capacity for incredible power as well as speed. They have more fast-twitch muscle fiber, making gaining muscle very easy for them.

Nutritional Practices for Mesomorphs

Mesomorphs can follow the food pyramid and end up with a height- and weight-proportional body with good muscle mass as long as they follow fitness guidelines as well.

Fitness Practices for Mesomorphs

According to, mesomorphs do best with regular aerobic exercise and moderate weight training. The aerobics will keep the fat off, and the strength training will easily yield impressive muscle mass.


Endomorphs tend to have a slower metabolism, and their bodies are curvier than those with other body types. They can be a bit blocky looking. They gain weight all too easily.

Nutritional Practices for Endomorphs

Endomorphs really have to be careful about gaining excess fat. They need to be strict about the food pyramid and avoid overeating. Juicing twice daily is highly recommended for endomorphs as well as healthy snacks, like fruits.

Fitness Practices for Endomorphs

According to, where endomorphs can keep fat at bay is daily moderate to intense aerobic exercise. They also suggest that endomorphs try to keep a fast pace in the gym as they strength train with moderate weights. The latter also helps to strip off the fat, claims Dorian Quinn. Of course, if you are already overweight, ease into any exercise regimen. Dr. Dorian Quinn reminds us that our bodies were designed to experience radiant health naturally. We were created to live long and healthy lives. Making lifestyle changes will improve your health to a natural state of wellness and fitness.

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