Height Adjustable Tables Make Healthier Work Spaces

fit man at a deskThe conventional office set up that involves sitting in the same position all day can get quite uncomfortable, as well as being very unhealthy. Many people experience back pains, muscle numbness, and tingling in their arms, not to mention weight gain, as a result of daily desk work. 

Is there a solution to this? Well, good news. Thanks to the adjustable table tops, you can work in a position that best suits you. This enhances the comfort of the office workers and offers flexibility as you work. You don’t have to sit down all day. You can even adjust your table to enable you to work in a standing position. Isn’t that the coolest thing you have heard today?

How Do Height Adjustable Tables Work?

The adjustable table is made of a top attached to a movable stand. The level of the height adjustable table can easily be altered by reducing or increasing the height of the table to a desired level. The stand also has a stopping mechanism that prevents the height from reducing further due to the weight of the objects on the table.

The adjusting mechanism can either be electrically or manually operated. The automated type is easier to use since the work position can be regulated by the simple click of a button. For a manually operated adjustable table, it involves physical effort to push the table stand up or down, depending on the desired position.

What are the Health Benefits of Height Adjustable Tables?

This type of office furniture has numerous advantages for office workers and an organization at large. This will prove that this innovation is definitely worthy of praise. Below are some of the benefits:


Has it ever happened to you that your work space is hard to adapt to due to your body size? Sometimes office desk can be quite limiting for very short and tall people. For tall people, leg space may be insufficient. A short person may have to stretch their bodies a great deal to fit on a normal work table. Height adjustable tables are especially useful for wheelchair users who often struggle to find a good ergonomic seating position at a conventional office desk.

The adjustable table allows you to set the workspace at a height that resonates well with your body stature. It also allows people who have attained old age and have back problems to work in a posture that does not strain their already weakened backs.

Reduces Spinal Problems

It is scientifically proven that maintaining a specific sitting position for long hours can result in spinal problems. The adjustable table goes a long. Way to prevent such an occurrence since you can shift your working position once you start experiencing muscle strains.

Did you know that standing is a form of exercise? A majority of office workers do not get time to work out and keep fit due to the long working hours. The sedentary nature of office work may result it general weight gain. Adjusting your worktop to a standing position can serve as a form of exercise within the office environment.

Increased Productivity

Office workers do not have to literally get out of their workspace to stretch due to discomfort since they can easily move the worktop to a more convenient level. This saves time that would have otherwise been wasted in moving. Avoidance of such many short breaks allows the employees to be more focused in their work

Some tasks are best done in specific positions. A task such as typing of documents requires one to be seated back straight with the worktop slightly below the chest level for more efficient typing. A job that involves technical drawing may require a worktop that is a bit higher, but not one that requires you to stand. This is where height adjustable furniture proves handy.

It is clear that a height adjustable work table is a vital piece of furniture in an office. Ergonomic office equipment that emphasizes on your comfort will increase your efficiency as an office worker. You don’t have to worry about an aching back at the end of the day. They are definitely worth a try.

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